Please pray for a friend

#PrayforSailorA friend of mine had his baby girl, Sailor, a six days ago. She stopped growing around 6 months, and momma’s amniotic fluid was low. After lots of praying, Sailor was noticeably bigger at her next ultrasound.

Sailor was born with a broken femur, displaced hips, a cyst on her spine, club feet, and also a tethered spine. The spine is currently putting pressure on some nerves that will prevent her from walking. She is going into surgery today at 1PM (PST) to untether her spine. The goal is to relieve the pressure on the nerves, and hopefully she will be able to use her legs. Sailor has Closed Spina Bifida. The good news is she is otherwise healthy.

Please help #PrayforSailor.

#Microblog Monday: Am I a Masochist?


One of my really good friends is due in May. She was one of the people I bitched to when I found out my 36 year old cousin was pregnant without issue. My friend’s baby shower is coming up soon. She made it clear that I didn’t have to attend, she knew that it would be super awkward. But I said I’d go. While I don’t like social gatherings with people I don’t know, I do love my friend, and absolutely want to support her. Continue reading

Post Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

It’s been four days since my egg retrieval, and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling pretty good. I had some bloating in my abdomen on the first day, but by the day after, I was feeling almost 100%. I skipped my Bar Method on Tuesday, but I’ve been back everyday since Wednesday.IVF with ICSI - Post Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update Continue reading

#MicroblogMonday – Egg Retrieval Day!

IVF Update-Egg RetrievalI’m writing this on Sunday. As you’re reading this, I’m either in the procedure, or recovering. I’m excited, but I also feel a sense of dread. It feels like this is the beginning of the end, instead of the beginning. Continue reading

It’s trigger time!

I just got back from what I think is my last monitoring appointment. Everything looks good! I think I have 15 follicles that are bigger than 12mm. I ended up being an hour late for work because I had to wait for the trigger shot instructions! Maybe the purpose of IVF is to make us more patient for when we become mothers. HAHAPregnyl Trigger Shot Continue reading

Quick 1st Week Midweek Update

Today is day 5 of our first IVF cycle! I’ve been on 125iu of Puregon, and 75iu of Menopur. I’ll save my symptoms and feelings for a longer full week update.

I had my first blood test yesterday. I thought I would get a U/S too, but I didn’t. When the nurse called with instructions, I was told to come back today (a day early) for another blood test and U/S, but stay with the same units of medication. I didn’t find out what my levels were on the phone yesterday. The nurse sounded like she was in a rush, and wasn’t receptive to questions. Continue reading

1st Blogiversary!!

large-round-birthday-cakeI can’t believe it’s been a year since I created this blog! I started it as a way to write down my journey so I’d remember what was going on (I have a terrible memory!!). I’ve looked back at some of my first posts and it brings me back to how I was feeling. I’m sad that we still aren’t pregnant, and I’ve never been pregnant, BUT tomorrow is my FIRST SCAN after starting stims! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH Continue reading

Ivf Haul!

IMG_5879I finally went in for my baseline appointment yesterday, and picked up my meds. I don’t have a lot of meds compared to a lot of other hauls I’ve looked at. I’m on the antagonist protocol, and am only using two medications to start, then adding in Orgalutran later on. Continue reading