#MicroblogMonday – Egg Retrieval Day!

IVF Update-Egg RetrievalI’m writing this on Sunday. As you’re reading this, I’m either in the procedure, or recovering. I’m excited, but I also feel a sense of dread. It feels like this is the beginning of the end, instead of the beginning. Continue reading

Current Obsession

Since there’s a lull between now and the start of my first ever IVF cycle (EEEEEEEEK), I thought I’d share something with you that I am currently obsessed with.Diamond Thigh

I am absolutely in love with The Bar Method!! Some of you may know this as Pure Barre, Physique 57, Barre Fitness, Exhale Core Fusion Barre…you get the idea. Continue reading

I am blessed

I don’t have any sisters, but I consider one of my cousins to be a sister. She’s the one I vent to about DH, work, family and pretty much everything else. But for some reason, I didn’t feel comfortable telling her that we were having problems TTC. It could be because in the beginning, I was telling her about my TTC apps, BBT, EWCM, and all the fun technical stuff that no one finds interesting unless you were actually TTC. Instead of being supportive, she told me to relax….multiple times. She didn’t believe me when I suspected we had problems. Eventually, I just stopped telling her about TTC. Continue reading

Chromosomal Defect…Say WHAT?

In the midst of dealing with DH’s depression diagnosis, he also got a call from our fertility doctor about a cytogenetics test he took when he met with the urologist. The test showed that DH has a paracentric inversion of chromosome 1.

I had, still have, no idea what this means. DH has been referred to a geneticist, but it will probably be weeks, if not months, before we get an appointment.

Of course, I had to turn to Google.
From what I found, there are two types of inversions, pericentric and paracentric. There are two sections to a chromosome. A pericentric inversion is when the inversion happens on the centromere, I guess the connection between the two sections. Whereas a paracentric inversion happens on one of the tails.

I don’t know what this means for us. I know that chromosomal defects can cause miscarriage. A defect in chromosome 1 can also cause severe mental retardation. Chromosome 1 is also the largest chromosome in our DNA. DH is healthy (except for his sperm and diabetes), so I’m not sure how this inversion affects him. All we can do now is wait for our appointment with the geneticist.

Wham Bam! Your World is Crumbling Ma’am!

The only thing I can do is think of a funny title. It’s been a little over a week since my world has come crashing down. As you know, DH has an extremely low sperm count. I was beginning to be comfortable with that. He still has sperm, so IVF is an option. It will be a very trying, and expensive process, but it is still an option.

Then, last Monday happened…

DH has been really stressed, and exhausted the last few months. He started a new job at the beginning of the year, and it’s been hard for him to not be the big fish in a small pond anymore. He was so excited to start this new job, he had nothing but positive, and grand things to say about his new employer…before he even started to work. Continue reading