#MicroblogMonday! What baby item do you obsess about?

Microblog_MondaysI have always enjoyed researching baby things. It’s a weird thing I do. Even before we were married, or engaged, and now, when we’re no where close to being pregnant. My current obsession is researching strollers. There are just so many options! Do I really need a stroller with a bassinet? What if we have twins? I would probably want a tandem stroller, and not a side by side. What about car seats? Do I want an infant one, and upgrade to a new one later on, or do I want one that would grow with baby? The list goes on! It doesn’t help that there are so many products out there, and that they’re changing all the time.

Are you crazy like me too?

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I am blessed

I don’t have any sisters, but I consider one of my cousins to be a sister. She’s the one I vent to about DH, work, family and pretty much everything else. But for some reason, I didn’t feel comfortable telling her that we were having problems TTC. It could be because in the beginning, I was telling her about my TTC apps, BBT, EWCM, and all the fun technical stuff that no one finds interesting unless you were actually TTC. Instead of being supportive, she told me to relax….multiple times. She didn’t believe me when I suspected we had problems. Eventually, I just stopped telling her about TTC. Continue reading

MicroblogMonday!! Excitement and questions!

Microblog_MondaysDH and I are finally meeting with the new fertility doctor on Wednesday. He went last week to meet with the urologist, and it went really well (besides the male factor infertility part), and I’ve got my list of questions from No One Asks About My Eggs. I just want to get started already! DH is also going for another blood test and semen analysis today. He’s being tested for Y-Chromosome deletions, and it is also part of a study the researcher is doing on chromosomal abnormalities and male infertility.

I was reading a magazine over the weekend, and there was an article about IVM, in vitro maturation. I had never heard of it before. It’s still an experimental treatment, but it seems interesting. Have any of you had IVM, or read up on it?

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How much do you reveal?

Googly Gooeys Keeping SecretsDH went his for his HR meeting at his new workplace last week, and also met with the manager. He’s so excited about the new opportunity. He came home and told me the owner had asked about me! I said why would he ask about me? That’s so random. So he told me that when he had gone for his first HR meeting, he had told them that he needs time off to go to doctor appointments because we are trying to have a baby. Continue reading

My first #MicroblogMonday! What is the hardest thing to give up?


As I sit here drinking my morning caffeinated coffee, I think about all the delicious food that I would need to give up once we’re seriously TTC (we’re just casually TTC’ing now because of the genetics issues). What’s the hardest thing for you to give up?

For me, it would NOT be alcohol, I love my wine, but I can easily go without. Coffee might be hard, but I have given up coffee for Lent before, and it wasn’t bad at all. I could always substitute decaf if I was going stir crazy for coffee. The hardest thing for me would be SUSHI!! I could eat sushi EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE! My mouth is salivating right now just thinking about it. The rich, fatty tuna so smooth in my mouth, the crunch of the seaweed. I might need to get sushi for dinner tonight. #nomnom

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19 Facts About Ovulation – According to BuzzFeed

I was going through my Facebook Newsfeed, and this article from BuzzFeed kept popping up: 19 Facts About Ovulation That May Surprise You. I generally like BuzzFeed’s “listicles” but this one annoyed me. Maybe it’s because I know too much about ovulation, or because some of the things near the bottom of the list are absurd.Uterus Continue reading

A new job already???

DH officially had his last day of work 3 days ago. He’s been loving his days off, and I’m very jealous that he gets to sleep in. At least I convinced him to cook me dinner…once.

After DH gave his notice at his last job, he met with one company through an intro by his sister’s friend. We’re very blessed to have people in our network who are so willing to help us out. DH just found out that he got the job!! We don’t know when he’s starting yet, but we think it will be near the end of September. That will give him some time to get some stuff done around the house! LOL. The base salary is minimum wage, but it is heavily incentivized. This is his first customer facing job. I know he will do well, I just hope he enjoys it.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers while we were going through this hard time. I feel so blessed right now! God is good!!

Things are looking up!

DH had his last day of work on Saturday. His demeanour is a complete 180! I’m so thankful for all of your prayers and support. I’m beyond relieved that he’s so much happier than he was a month ago, and he’s stopped taking his anti-depressants. I didn’t think such a simple (although drastic) change can help DH feel so much better. He’s back to his old happy self, making jokes, and bashing my Dallas Cowboys (I think I need a new team!). Continue reading