I received my package from Planting Beans yesterday! I can’t believe how much I got! 

 I got FOUR pairs of socks, beautiful magenta nail polish, lip gloss, mango bath salt (mango is my favourite fruit!), a box of cards, box of candy (nom nom), burlap makeup bag (I had lots of burlap in my wedding!), and a lovely card with an amazing message! Thank you so much!

Thank you to Chelsea at Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby for setting this all up!

Hope is fading, but I’m on Twitter!

I have been experiencing what I thought were symptoms. But my BBT has been falling the last two days. It’s still above the line, but it’s not looking good.

In other news, I decided to create a Twitter account for the blog! If you want to see a picture of me, head over to Twitter and follow me! LOLTwitter_logo_blue

Getting started, but I have no idea what’s happening!

We are finally starting IVF! Unlike some other couples struggling with IF, DH and I have not tried Clomid, Femara, or IUI. We will not be trying these methods. When I met with my OB last year, he immediately referred us to a fertility clinic due to DH’s sperm issues. After meeting with two different RE’s, they both agree that with DH’s low sperm counts, motility, and whatever else they look at, the chance of anything succeeding besides IVF are very slim.IVF-Injections- Continue reading

Insider info!

I have a friend who is a pharmacist, and she is someone I trust with my medical questions. Even though she’s not a doctor, her opinion about drugs, and treatment is important to me.Thermometer

We went for dinner last night, and I asked her what she knew about Gnrh agonist vs. antagonist. She didn’t know much about the drugs off the top of her head, but she offered to research it and get back to me. I told her it wasn’t urgent, and to take her time. Continue reading

It’s been a while…

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post! During this time, I didn’t even read any blogs. Nothing was really happening for us on the IF front, and so many of the bloggers I follow became pregnant (so happy for you all!!!), I just needed a break.

Now I’m back!! DH and I went on a lovely vacation over the holidays. We were in Bali, Hong Kong, and I went to Taiwan with my family after DH came back home. I can’t say I’m refreshed from the trip since Asia isn’t a tremendously relaxing place, but it was great to get away. Here are some pictures I took in Bali. Continue reading

2nd Genetics Appointment

DH was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality back in August, and we had met with our Genetics Counsellor at our fertility clinic in September. I can’t say enough good things about our GC. She’s absolutely amazing. We had sent DH’s parents for the same cytogenetics test, and she emailed to tell me that there was no news yet in case I was wondering. How amazing is that?? She reaches out before I do!

Anyway, we met with another GC yesterday at Women’s Hospital yesterday because our GC recommended we talk to as many people as we can. Luckily, the new GC, had pretty much the same opinion about DH’s abnormality as our first GC. Essentially, the abnormality shouldn’t affect the health of the embryos, and future babies. If the embryo makes it to implantation, chances are, it’s a healthy embryo. Continue reading

Here we go again…

I think I’m currently in TWW. I mentioned last week, that I got a blinky smiley for 8 straight days, and I had run out of tests in the pack and it was still blinking. I didn’t want to open a new box of OPKs so I just stopped testing, and relied on BD’ing every other day. So my temp finally “spiked” two days ago. I’m hesitant about calling this a spike because my temp is still really low compared to what my BBT is for a high temp. However, it is .2 celsius higher than my previous day, and it’s been “high” for 2 straight days. Continue reading