It’s trigger time!

I just got back from what I think is my last monitoring appointment. Everything looks good! I think I have 15 follicles that are bigger than 12mm. I ended up being an hour late for work because I had to wait for the trigger shot instructions! Maybe the purpose of IVF is to make us more patient for when we become mothers. HAHAPregnyl Trigger ShotMy trigger shot will be Pregnyl. The nurse mixed it for me. I’m not sure why I couldn’t do it myself. Does anyone know why? I will do the shot some time tomorrow, and the egg retrieval will be on Monday.

I will continue with my Menopur, Puregon, and Orgalutran tonight, then THAT’S IT! It’s gone by so quickly! I only had to do 8 days of stims. My trigger is a day earlier than the original estimate. No one has said anything about OHSS, so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. But I will keep drinking that Gatorade! Bleh.

I’m glad the Pregnyl is in the belly. I was worried that it would be an I’m shot.

Does anyone have experience with Pregnyl? Is it going to burn?

11 thoughts on “It’s trigger time!

  1. Ive taken this a few times, she probably mixed it because it can be hard if you are mixing two bottles …. depends on the units. My hubs and I always stressed about taking the shot. Good luck to you on retrieval day!!

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