#Microblog Monday: Am I a Masochist?


One of my really good friends is due in May. She was one of the people I bitched to when I found out my 36 year old cousin was pregnant without issue. My friend’s baby shower is coming up soon. She made it clear that I didn’t have to attend, she knew that it would be super awkward. But I said I’d go. While I don’t like social gatherings with people I don’t know, I do love my friend, and absolutely want to support her.

I have been scouring her baby registry. Part intrigue, part judging (I can’t help it – I’m very judgemental). I decided I was going to buy her some of the bottles, and teething toys she registered for, but of course I also had to impose my own opinions, so I also bought her a Comotomo bottle, and Milkies.

Of course, I could’ve ordered all of this online. But nope! I decided I wanted to go to the baby stores! Yes, plural, because the Comotomo was a few dollars cheaper at another store. I was excited to visit the stores. I’ve also been researching strollers, and this friend had told me that my beloved Stokke is too tall for us shorties. So I took this opportunity to go check it out for myself.

I didn’t want any attention from the sales associates, so I just went straight to the bottles section and picked up what I needed. I figured, this way, when I start browsing at other things, they’ll know I’m just browsing, since I already have what I need. It was an interesting experience being in the store. There were multiple couples with their bumps, looking at strollers (I really wanted to give them my opinion on strollers! lol) and other essentials, and a family with a toddler looking at furniture for a big boy bed. I walked around the strollers a couple times, I didn’t dare pull them out to test them. I was there for maybe 20 minutes. Surprisingly, I didn’t get that sad, I was more hopeful than anything. When I felt the tears starting to well up, I made a bee-line for the cashier, paid and got out.

Why do I do this to myself?

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22 thoughts on “#Microblog Monday: Am I a Masochist?

  1. I’m so superstitious I can’t go in those stores right now!! 😉

    5D5PDT, and I feel nothing other than a huge bloated stomach and occasional cramps which I attribute to the progesterone. This TWW is really quite cruel. 😩 I was pretty good at keeping myself busy today so that helped!! One week lady!! 👍

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  2. I did EXACTLY the same thing this weekend! We drove to the mall just to buy a baby shower gift I could easily buy online. My hubby was like-are you sure??!! I said yes, I have to feel the quality of the baby blanket first before we buy it. It’s the first time we have been in a baby only type store together. It was weird, we laughed about it, but mostly I was hopeful like you. I welled up a little when hubby went to toilet so he didn’t see 😉

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  3. I’m impressed that you could spend that much time IN the store. I’ll admit that I do a lot of online shopping. And I have to do it quickly. Like I get the announcement or the invitation, and I immediately buy the gift so the task is done. Because I will fall into the hole of staring at pictures for hours.

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