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Clearblue AdvancedIsn’t it funny that we all know where this happy face is from? I’ve been tracking my BBT for almost two years now. I do it so I know when I can expect AF. I started using ovulation predictor kits when we were actively TTC. I used it for a couple months, and stopped because of the cost, and honestly, there was no point due to DH’s sperm count. Continue reading

“Meet The 20-Somethings Who Want To Be Sterilized”

Patient in medical officeI saw this article this morning as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and the headline made me so angry! My first thought was how can a 20-something possibly know that they won’t want children in the future? After I calmed down a bit, I read through the article. Continue reading

#MicroblogMonday – Another Pregnancy Announcement

Microblog_MondaysNot mine. Definitely not. I’m technically in TWW, but I ovulated earlier than expected, so this month’s a bust. There’s no update on the (in)fertility side. We were supposed to have a genetics meeting at the hospital last Thursday, but DH had to reschedule it because of work. It is now rescheduled for the end of November.

Anyway, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and one of our friends just announced their pregnancy. They got married one year before us. I didn’t “like” her post, definitely didn’t say congratulations. All I could muster was, ugh, awesome, another one pregnant. Judging by how “festive” her announcement was, I’m sure there will be lots of bump shots. My second cousin is pregnant with her second as well, I found out from my cousin¬†through a text. I think people think I’m fine when they talk to me about other people’s pregnancies, or baby related things in general. I guess that’s how I appear to them. I don’t react, I say the required pleasantries, and save the sulking for private.

I feel bad that I’m not happy for them, and it’s terrible that I’m jealous of what they have. When is it going to be our turn?

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Do you want your employer to pay for freezing your eggs?

I saw the article about Facebook and Apple paying for egg freezing for their female employees. When I saw the headline, I was instantly angry! I understand why some women may choose to put their careers in front of having a family, but are the tech companies also educating these women about the risks with freezing eggs, and the probability of conceiving later in life?

Why do women have to choose between career and family?

What do you think of this announcement?

#MicroblogMonday – fitbit noob

I’m going completely off topic today. My dad is in town visiting, and he gave me a fitbit. I don’t now if that’s his way of telling me I’ve gotten fat, or he just thinks it’s a cool gadget. I’ll pretend it’s the latter.Microblog_Mondays

I’ve heard of fitbit and Nike FuelBand before, but I’ve never researched it obsessively like I have with the iPhone, and infertility (obvs), so I don’t know what to make of it. I’ve set it up, and downloaded the app. It took me about 5 minutes to get it into sleep mode. The band itself is just so ugly though.

Do you use one of these tracker things? What do you think?

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New Job, New Perspective!

Yes, DH is finally starting his new job on Monday, and he’ll stop eating my packed lunches! But, I will also be starting a new job in a couple of weeks! It was a hard decision for me to leave my current role as a freelancer. I love what I’m doing, the people I work with are great. However, with the inevitable cost of IVF, I needed to find a role with benefits. Continue reading

New Consultation!

DH and I finally met with the new clinic last week. It was a much better experience than our previous consultation. Our previous consult was less than half an hour, and we were immediately being pushed towards IVF without having done any blood tests. Last week’s consult was a breath of fresh air. We ended up being at the clinic for over 2 hours, and most of that was talking with the doctor and geneticist, and not just waiting around! Continue reading