The first time I’ve ever been happy to have AF show up! I called the clinic, but I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. I emailed my nurse, but she doesn’t get back to work until Tuesday, which will be CD4. I’m supposed to have a baseline done on CD3 (Monday). I hope this doesn’t mess up our schedule.

Any who, I’m cracking open a bottle of wine tonight!!

Minion Karaoke

Out! I think…

My temp dropped to around my cover line this morning. It is 0.2 celsius lower than yesterday, and about 0.4 lower than my highest temp. I’m pretty sure I’m out, but AF has yet to show, so I haven’t called my clinic to report CD1. Chances are she’ll show up at 4:35, just after the offices closes. Awesome-sauce!

In other news, I’m on Twitter! Follow me please!Twitter_logo_blue

Getting started, but I have no idea what’s happening!

We are finally starting IVF! Unlike some other couples struggling with IF, DH and I have not tried Clomid, Femara, or IUI. We will not be trying these methods. When I met with my OB last year, he immediately referred us to a fertility clinic due to DH’s sperm issues. After meeting with two different RE’s, they both agree that with DH’s low sperm counts, motility, and whatever else they look at, the chance of anything succeeding besides IVF are very slim.IVF-Injections- Continue reading

Insider info!

I have a friend who is a pharmacist, and she is someone I trust with my medical questions. Even though she’s not a doctor, her opinion about drugs, and treatment is important to me.Thermometer

We went for dinner last night, and I asked her what she knew about Gnrh agonist vs. antagonist. She didn’t know much about the drugs off the top of her head, but she offered to research it and get back to me. I told her it wasn’t urgent, and to take her time. Continue reading

#MicroblogMonday: I made the call…well sent the email.

Microblog_MondaysI’ve been nervous about getting started with IVF. I was all for it last year, and was adamant that we were going to begin treatment in January. Well, January is here, and it has taken my over two weeks to gather my nerves to contact our RE.

I sent the email to him on Saturday, letting him know we were ready to begin. Gave him details of my cycle, and made a joke that we may be pregnant by the time we begin. Continue reading