First appointment with the urologist

DH met with the urologist one day after our meeting with the fertility doctor. The urologist he met with was also part of the Olive Fertility. DH was not very happy with his experience. The doctor was late, which is fine, but he only spent 10 minutes with him. After meeting with Dr. Nakhuda, our fertility doctor, we were under the impression that the urologist will ask for another semen analysis. Dr. Nakhuda said that because the first two semen analysis were done pretty close together, it was worth doing another one to see if anything has changed. Also, all of his blood test results were normal, so that was a relief. But nope, the urologist was not interested in doing another test. DH explained that he had a hydrocele when he was younger, and the surgery to drain it had some complications. Further, he is pre-diabetic, and his father had varicoceles. Continue reading

HSG – Hysterosalpinogram

When we set up our appointment at the fertility clinic, we were given a big list of tests to do before our appointment. One of the tests I had to get done was a hysterosalpinogram, or HSG. It is essentially an X-ray to see if your tubes are clear. It needs to be done after your period, but before CD 12.

I did some research on the test, and a lot of women said it as one of the most painful things they had ever gone through. I was quiet nervous going to the test, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go back to work that day. Continue reading

Fertility Doctor Consultation

DH and I went for our first appointment with the fertility doctor today. We were referred to Olive Fertility by my OB/GYN. Our doctor is Dr. Gary Nakhuda.
Olive Fertility

The overall experience was interesting. The first time I visited the clinic was about two months ago, when my OB brought me down to the office to schedule a consult. When I was there the first time, it was a ghost town. But today, I saw 4 – 5 couples coming to and from their appointments. It made me feel good to see that we’re not alone in our struggle, but at the same time, I also felt bad that these couples were going through a similar thing. Continue reading

Review: AIM Pregnancy Strips

When you’re TTC, you want to know ASAP if you’re pregnant. There are so many kinds of pregnancy tests, ranging from a few cents each, to upwards of $30! They are either dip tests, where you pee in a cup and dip the strip, dripping the pee into a cassette, or pee on the stick tests. I personally prefer peeing on a stick because I don’t need to find a cup, and wash it out afterwards.

I got 5 AIM Pregnancy Strips when I ordered Pre-Seed from Amazon. These are dip strips, and they cost $13.99 for a 5-pack on Amazon. While these are not the cheapest tests on the market, they are pretty inexpensive.


Continue reading