Post Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

It’s been four days since my egg retrieval, and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling pretty good. I had some bloating in my abdomen on the first day, but by the day after, I was feeling almost 100%. I skipped my Bar Method on Tuesday, but I’ve been back everyday since Wednesday.IVF with ICSI - Post Egg Retrieval and Embryo UpdateI had general anaesthetic, so the procedure was pretty straight forward for me. The IV probably hurt the most. I remember the nurse putting in the first drug, and she asked how I was feeling, and I said fine, as if the drugs weren’t putting me to sleep, then the next thing I knew, I was in recovery, and the nurse was asking if I wanted DH to come in.

I was in recovery for about 45 minutes, just to wake up. I had random bursts of tears. I wasn’t sad, or in pain, but I just had to cry. The embryologist came by and told me I had 15 eggs! I was hoping for more, I’m not sure why, probably because when we first met with our RE, he said the goal was 14, and I always want to be the best, so 15 wasn’t good enough for me. haha

On day 1 (day after ER), the lab called and said out of the 15 eggs, 10 were fertilized. The embryologist was already predicting a day 5 transfer. On day 2, out of the 10 fertilized, 9 were growing, and 1 was slow, but they were going to keep an eye on it. Of the 9 that were growing, 6 were average or above, and 3 were below average. Overall, it’s doing pretty well.

On day 3, the 10th egg started to grow. So now we have 10 zygotes (I guess? Not quite embryos yet) that were growing. 6 were again average or above, and 3 of those were doing really well. The remaining 4 were below average, but still growing.

Today is day 4! I just got of the phone with the lab, and we have 5 embryos that are exactly where the embryologist wants them to be at, and the other 5 are growing slower. She didn’t give me the number for the “super awesome” ones like the embryologist from yesterday did, but I’m still ecstatic with the results!

My transfer will be tomorrow at 9:30am! Sadly, I’ll have to miss my Bar Method class 😦

Any insight on activity after transfer? I’ve read a study that showed a negative correlation between bed rest and implantation. I’ll probably take it easy that day, maybe run a couple errands, but resume normal activity (sans Bar Method 😦 ) on Monday.

27 thoughts on “Post Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

  1. I’ve read similar – some people say stay in bed, others say mild activity. I watched TV on the couch, but also did some cooking in the kitchen. I did not go out for a walk but instead felt like I was walking on eggshells! You have a great number of eggs. Do you know how many they plan to transfer or freeze?

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  2. I’ve done both after transfer. I think whatever floats ur boat go ahead and do it your way. During one of my transfers we walked a lot the following day more than 10k steps. Both embryos took that same day cause I felt the strong pain.

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  3. I did both as well but I think you can resume normal activity. Most women don’t even know they are implanting at the time that we do going through IVF. I would recommend enjoy a book or tv for the first 2 days.

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  4. All of this is wonderful news!!! My RE said to be a couch potato for 72 hours. I have read where some people have gone about their normal routine but I figure taking it easy might be my best bet and so far so good.

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  5. Great news and awesome numbers! I have done both – my fresh cycle I basically stayed on the couch all day and nothing took. The next transfer (frozen) I went about my day as normal and 1 implanted (unfortunately I had a miscarriage 6 weeks later) and the last transfer (frozen) did normal activities but it didn’t implant. I’ve heard/read that keeping your blood flow is a good thing but not to overdue it.

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  6. Those are great numbers! My RE said I could resume normal activities. Basically, if it is going to stick, it will stick and waiting around on bed rest will not help. In my case, it worked 🙂 Everyone is different though. Fingers crossed!

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  7. I also did a single embryo transfer this past Wednesday the 18th!! I have my Hcg test on March 30th! I was told I could walk, stationary bike or swim. I’m usually a VERY active person so this is definitely a step down from my normal activity but they stressed nothing strenuous until my pregnancy test. I too read people who returned to their regular routine had better outcomes than bedrest. I think many schools of thought!

    Anyway, hoping positive results for both of us!! At this point, day 3 I feel totally normal and have zero symptoms which I hear is normal! 🙂

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