About Me

About Me

DH and I have known each other for since we were 15. Well, ok, it was actually only 2 weeks before our 16th birthdays. It was definitely not love at first sight. According to DH, we were in the same driving course. I did not remember him at all from the classes. I had my eye on a cute dark-hair, blue eyed boy (DH is blonde with green eyes – LOL). I apparently caught his eye because I was the first girl in town to have the newest model of a car. He went on to become an automotive technician for 14 years, so him noticing me because of my car is not completely weird. Although, I think it’s weird that he remembers people based on the car they drive, not by actually who the person is. Anyway, I digress…

It took us 7 years before we started dating. Our early 2000s love story began over MSN messenger! We had our ups and downs, and it was another 7 years before we were married. We started TTC in July, 2013 because we wanted to start a family right after we were married, but God had different plans for us. After two rounds of IVF, including two FETs, we were blessed with a twin pregnancy, due in August 2016!

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