Me against the blinky face

I started using OPKs again in November because I had some, and I  might as well use them before we start IVF. So in November, I got the blinky face for 8 days, starting on CD 16, before running out of sticks in the package. I eventually gave up, and my temp didn’t spike until day 28. That cycle ended up being 42 days. I attribute that to some Chinese medicine I was taking. My cycle had “normalized” the few cycles prior, and nothing else had changed. Continue reading

Here we go again…

I think I’m currently in TWW. I mentioned last week, that I got a blinky smiley for 8 straight days, and I had run out of tests in the pack and it was still blinking. I didn’t want to open a new box of OPKs so I just stopped testing, and relied on BD’ing every other day. So my temp finally “spiked” two days ago. I’m hesitant about calling this a spike because my temp is still really low compared to what my BBT is for a high temp. However, it is .2 celsius higher than my previous day, and it’s been “high” for 2 straight days. Continue reading