Ivf Haul!

IMG_5879I finally went in for my baseline appointment yesterday, and picked up my meds. I don’t have a lot of meds compared to a lot of other hauls I’ve looked at. I’m on the antagonist protocol, and am only using two medications to start, then adding in Orgalutran later on.

Injections start tonight! I’m worried! I’m not a fan of needles, and I can’t imagine doing it myself. I think I would need DH to do it for me.

My baseline appointment went fine. I guess I don’t have much to compare it to. I arrived at the clinic around 7:30am, and had my blood drawn almost immediately. Then I waited over an hour for my ultrasound. The nurse who did my blood was pleasant, not really chatty or anything. While I was waiting for my ultrasound, there was another woman there who was hacking up a lung! We were in such a confined space! I really wanted to move to the other waiting area, but I felt rude for moving. Another lady and I just looked at each other, and we didn’t know what to do. I later ran into her again in the elevator and joked that I hope neither of us will get sick from her!

The ultrasound took maybe 2 minutes. My lining and ovaries look good, with a good number of follicles. After the u/s, I waited some more to get my drugs.

I found the non-medical staff at my clinic to be friendly, and generally awesome. But the medical staff, are quite cold. I emailed my nurse about a mock transfer, and she said my SHG was like a mock transfer. Soooo, it’s “like” a mock, but it isn’t. She didn’t answer if I was going to have a mock transfer or not. Do any of you have insight into this?

The doctor that did the u/s was the same doctor that did my SHG, and again, he was just in and out. He didn’t even stop to ask if I had any questions.

So, I’m going to ask my questions here!

  • Should I stop drinking alcohol and caffeine now?
  • Once my follies start growing, can I do ab workouts?
  • What else do I need to change in my lifestyle to aid in better quality eggs?
  • What can I do to prevent OHSS during stim?

14 thoughts on “Ivf Haul!

  1. I totally recommend icing the area for a couple of minutes before you do injections then you feel nothing at all! I stopped the caffeine a few days before retrieval but Dr’s have told me it’s ok to have a cup or 2 of coffee a day I think but I’m not trying it. I don’t know about the work outs because I have been lazy and not done anything like that. I know you likely would need to take it easy after retrieval and transfer because your ovaries will be larger than normal plus you don’t want to mess up implantation. The only other thing I did prior to starting meds was takinq CoQ-10 because my RE said it may help with the quality of my eggs. Others suggested drinking lots of water or gatorade to help keep OHSS away so I did that too and didn’t have any issues. Some of that will depend on your estradiol levels.

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  2. My guts felt like a had two water ballons in it filled it … Extremely uncomfortable I don’t think ab exercises would be comfortable. Just check with your re. And coffee I was told was fine one cup a day.

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  3. okay….so I got OHSS :/ And I have lots of tips and tricks. At first, I was drinking lots of water but then noticed that my OHSS was getting worse at a rapid high pace. So I called the nurse and did some research. And to my surprise, water makes it worse. I should have been drinking lots of lots of Gatorade that is high in sodium to help flush out the excess fluid that builds up around your ovaries and into your body. I also had lots of chicken noodle soup because it is high in sodium. Needless to say, the 9.5 lbs of fluid I gained instantly started to decrease once I did these two things. šŸ™‚ So my advice, lots of sodium enriched drinks. I have also heard protein foods help but the fluid had built up so much in my body I couldn’t get solid foods down. So I don’t know if that helps or not. Best of luck sugars! You got this! I have lots of hope for you. xo

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  4. I am going to be starting my IVF injections in about 2 weeks! Crazy. Although I don’t have advice yet, I plan on having a cup of caffeinated coffee a day. I enjoy a nice glass of wine, but right now while I am on BC Pills, I am only having wine Fri/Sat and then once I start injectables, I am going to stop until hopefully 10 months later! As far as diet goes, I am going to keep doing what I am doing. I am currently running about 2.5 miles 3-4 times a week, but will turn that into a walk once I start injections. I would love to hear what you end up doing!

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  5. I’m so excited for you!! I have heard that the SHG is close enough to a mock transfer that they will have a clue how your body will react to an actual transfer.

    Alcohol/caffeine – Some doctors say absolutely not, others say alcohol is fine, but caffeine isn’t and some say it doesn’t matter. My personal take on the matter would be everything in moderation. A single cup of coffee in the morning or a small glass of wine at night probably isn’t going to do any damage, and may relax you.

    Ab workout – your abdomen is probably going to be pretty sore and uncomfortable from the meds and growing follicles. I would skip it just for the shear comfort of it all.

    Egg Quality – I’ve heard that CoQ10 is pretty good for egg quality. Eat a healthy diet and try to get a bit of exercise in daily. Minimize stress as much as you can.

    OHSS – I have heard that gatorade works pretty well at helping with OHSS, as does eating salty soups and foods. I have also heard great things about coconut water.


  6. OHSS was the worst for me! I agree with Elisha stay away from water and drink lots of Gatorade. Since I couldn’t get anything down I also bought protein shakes to help reduce it. As for coffee I was told the eggs/follicles they were stimming are from 3 months back so whatever u do now wouldn’t have much of an impact. I didn’t stop coffee til after my transfer.

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