Current Obsession

Since there’s a lull between now and the start of my first ever IVF cycle (EEEEEEEEK), I thought I’d share something with you that I am currently obsessed with.Diamond Thigh

I am absolutely in love with The Bar Method!! Some of you may know this as Pure Barre, Physique 57, Barre Fitness, Exhale Core Fusion Barre…you get the idea.I’ll save you the history of how The Bar Method came to be. The Bar Method is a ballet barre inspired workout that uses isometric exercises. It focuses on small motions, with lots of repetitions, using your own body weight. The point is to get your muscles to fatigue and SHAKE!

I hate working out. Absolutely hate it. I’ve been on yoga binges before, flirted with running, and attempted going to the gym, but nothing has stuck. I’ve even done Bar Method a few years ago, and it didn’t stick. I started going back to Bar Method in August last year, accompanying my cousin as she gets ready for her wedding. I didn’t think much of it. I got a great intro deal, and I went 3 times a week so I’d get my money’s worth.

Little did I know, I’d get addicted! After my intro month ended, I signed up for an unlimited monthly pass. I started going 4 times a week, now I go 5 times a week! What I love about The Bar Method is that it is predictable. We will always start with warm-up, then a plank, arm work, then move on to thigh, seat, then abs. It might sound mundane, but the exercises are different every day, only the order of body part worked is the same. I actually like the predictability, it lets me mentally prepared for what’s happening next.

The exercises are never easy, and they seem to get harder the more you progress. I haven’t weighed myself, and I probably haven’t lost any weight. But I do know that I am stronger than when I started, and I’ve regained some of the flexibility I’ve lost. While it’s not a women only studio, the community is a great group of women.

Because of DH’s chromosome abnormality, I will be a high risk pregnancy. I really hope that as we start our first cycle, and hopefully pregnancy, I will still be allowed to exercise.

14 thoughts on “Current Obsession

  1. I did one barre class, and by the end of the class I thought I’m going to collapse right there and then… It was crazy. I personally prefer classes that are a little more slow-paced, but I can totally see how I could get addicted to this if I gave it a few more chances.

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