New Consultation!

DH and I finally met with the new clinic last week. It was a much better experience than our previous consultation. Our previous consult was less than half an hour, and we were immediately being pushed towards IVF without having done any blood tests. Last week’s consult was a breath of fresh air. We ended up being at the clinic for over 2 hours, and most of that was talking with the doctor and geneticist, and not just waiting around! Continue reading

New consult scheduled!

We have an appointment with a new fertility clinic! I’m so excited to visit another facility so that we can compare and figure out who’s the best fit for us. The original urologist that DH was supposed to see also works out of this clinic, and the scheduling clerk was able to give us an appointment with him too! We can finally get a second opinion! We’ve tried to see this urologist originally at Olive Fertility, but his schedule there didn’t match DH’s work schedule, so he was sent to the other doctor. When we decided to get a second opinion, we tried to get this doctor again, but at his independent practice, but we never heard back from his office. It’s been over 6 weeks! Continue reading

Fertility Doctor Consultation

DH and I went for our first appointment with the fertility doctor today. We were referred to Olive Fertility by my OB/GYN. Our doctor is Dr. Gary Nakhuda.
Olive Fertility

The overall experience was interesting. The first time I visited the clinic was about two months ago, when my OB brought me down to the office to schedule a consult. When I was there the first time, it was a ghost town. But today, I saw 4 – 5 couples coming to and from their appointments. It made me feel good to see that we’re not alone in our struggle, but at the same time, I also felt bad that these couples were going through a similar thing. Continue reading

Getting the news…

We had already gotten bad news when we received DH’s semen results. It was very upsetting. I completely broke down when we got home from the doctor.  All I have ever wanted was to have children and be a mother, and now that has been taken away from me. It was now a waiting game. There’s nothing I can do until we see the specialists.

I had my OB/GYN appointment a few weeks ago. When C did his semen analysis, a copy of the results was also sent to my OB. My first appointment with Dr. Rosengarten was quick, there were some good things, and some not so good things. Continue reading