New consult scheduled!

We have an appointment with a new fertility clinic! I’m so excited to visit another facility so that we can compare and figure out who’s the best fit for us. The original urologist that DH was supposed to see also works out of this clinic, and the scheduling clerk was able to give us an appointment with him too! We can finally get a second opinion! We’ve tried to see this urologist originally at Olive Fertility, but his schedule there didn’t match DH’s work schedule, so he was sent to the other doctor. When we decided to get a second opinion, we tried to get this doctor again, but at his independent practice, but we never heard back from his office. It’s been over 6 weeks!

The best part of this is that our appointments are in September! I can’t believe how quickly we are able to get in. Everything is moving into place.. DH is doing his 3rd SA on Aug 27th, then his ultrasound on Sept 3rd, then he sees the urologist on Sept 15th, and we meet the new fertility doctor on Sept. 24th.

When I first talked to the scheduling clerk, she asked if I had a preference for which doctor to see. I said it didn’t matter, but after we got off the phone, I realized how new the doctor we got assigned was. I emailed the clerk, and explained our diagnosis to date, and she switched us to see one of the founders of the clinic.

One of my best friend’s father recently passed away, and he was the top OB/GYN in his city. The doctor we are now seeing went to the same medical school as my friend’s dad, so I think it’s a sign from God that he’s looking out for us. I just have a really good feeling about this. If everything goes well, I think we are ready to get started in January!

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