The Crazy Things We Do

I was running around today, and one of the errands I had to do was drop off DH’s semen analysis. As most of you know, I need to keep it at body temperature. What better way to do this than…

Semen Analysis

That’s right ladies, that is the sample cup in between my boobs. I wish I got a better picture, but I didn’t realize how hilarious this was until I was outside the lab’s door.

What are some of the crazy shenanigans you’ve had to do?

11 thoughts on “The Crazy Things We Do

  1. hahaha! Love this! One time my friend had her hubby’s in between her boobs and got pulled over while on the way for speeding. When he got to her window she pulled it out and explained it all to him and said she had three minutes left to get it to the clinic. He immediately let her go 😉


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