The deed is done

It’s done! DH quit his job today. We are now officially a one income family – with me as the breadwinner. I never thought I would be in this position. DH and I have had a couple yelling matches about what his next move should be. I think he should be looking for jobs that’s related to what he wants to do. Whereas, he just wants a job because he wants to work. He thinks it’s bad to have a gap in his resume, so he’d rather take any old job. I completely disagree with him. I think he should take some time off, and figure out what he truly wants to do, and then start applying for work. He’s also talked about going back to school before, so I’m trying to encourage him to do one or two courses at the local college to see if it’s something he wants to pursue full time.

This is the first time God has truly tested us. It’s been rough, but I know in my heart we will come out stronger.

6 thoughts on “The deed is done

  1. I am thinking like you in that a gap isn’t that big of a deal 🙂 I also think taking college courses would be good that way when he does interview and the employer asks why there is a gap, he can just explain he was taking a few classes and wanted to concentrate and furthering his education 😉

    Sending you hugs! xo


  2. oh no! I hope this does not stress you out in a negative way. My husband also quit his job when we were TTC and right before we started IVF. He was super frustrated and quit out of frustration as much as a bad fit- yes, the job was really not for him and the work environment was bad but it was a great job in other respects. I was so worried and stressed, I cried for hours one night (I told him, if I told you not to quit, would you go back in and keep at it? And if not, then why are you asking me… charming no?:) It wasn’t that I was not supportive- it was that I was scared and just wanted to be in a position during IVF, where I wouldn’t have to worry that this was the one time I could not commit to a job. In the end, it wound up being a blessing as he could be around more for us both and was there at all the appts, although it was the cycle itself was a horrible bust.

    I understand your position. It is not easy and I remember my frustration at his quick-timed job changes. It does get more joyful as that fades and a new plan is formulated. I’m praying that this gets better and easier for you both and you’ll look back at it as the start of something good.


    • Thank you Weylin. I told him he can do whatever he wanted. He does seem a lot happier already, so I’m grateful for that. I’m just praying he finds a new job that he likes. I don’t want him to rush into anything that he’s unsure of just to have a paycheque.

      I’m doing okay. I’m not too stressed that I’m the only one working. Kind of jealous that he doesn’t have to wake up to go to work actually. haha.


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