New Consultation!

DH and I finally met with the new clinic last week. It was a much better experience than our previous consultation. Our previous consult was less than half an hour, and we were immediately being pushed towards IVF without having done any blood tests. Last week’s consult was a breath of fresh air. We ended up being at the clinic for over 2 hours, and most of that was talking with the doctor and geneticist, and not just waiting around!

We had scheduled to meet with the geneticist right after meeting with the RE. When we arrived at the clinic, the receptionist was quick to confirm that we had the appointment. For some reason, I was worried that it wasn’t organized.

We didn’t have to wait long to see the doctor. We were taken in by his assistant, who will be our point of contact during our process, and she took my weight (a little disappointed with that one 😦 ), and also my blood pressure. She said my BP was good, a little low, so I can drink more coffee! haha. She also took a picture of us for our files.

I was more prepared this time with questions, and I have also learned a lot more about IVF, infertility, and our own personal challenges. Our RE was very patient, and answered our questions, he wasn’t pushy at all. He also confirmed that we were meeting with the geneticist after. I was so happy to hear him say that because it means the staff communicates with each other!! Who would’ve thought!! While he couldn’t give us a lot of specifics because we hadn’t met with the geneticist yet, he gave us possible scenarios. He explained PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis), and why we should consider it, what the risks are associated with it. He told us about possible timelines, went over some of the clinic’s stats with us. He said that because my cycles are considered irregular (30 – 40 days), it is not a bad thing because women with irregular cycles tend to produce more eggs. However, I may be at a higher risk for OHSS, but they have protocols that prevent OHSS, and he believes that my risks are low. Overall, it made me feel that this is the clinic for us. DH and I still need to decide when we want to get started, but I know this is where we belong.

After meeting with the RE, it was time for our meeting with the geneticist. I was scared about what would come out of this meeting. The info that she gives us will make or break our chances. The geneticist was very patient and thoughtful. She read through our reports before hand, and had printed out diagrams to explain what was happening to DH’s chromosomes. She also gave us a quick lesson on chromosomes. She spent over an hour with us, going over what the risks are, our family history, and I asked her opinion on PGD for us. Because there is still so many unknowns about genetics, it’s hard to say if DH’s oligospermia is a direct result of the abnormality, or if we had just stumbled upon the abnormality, and attributed the oligospermia to it. Since DH’s counts have gone up recently, I’m hopeful that it will continue to climb.

Basically, the inversion is a non-issue because if it is passed down to the embryo, she believes the embryo won’t even make it pass day 2, so we won’t have to worry about miscarriage since it won’t ever make it to implantation. Not all of DH’s sperm will have the abnormality. She also thinks that we don’t necessarily have to do PGD because if the embryo grows to day 5, to be biopsied, that it likely is a normal embryo. PGD would just be an additional reassurance. I’m not sure if I agree with her about PGD because our RE had told us about a patient that had sent 6 embryos to be tested, 2 were normal, 2 were abnormal, and 2 didn’t provide any cells. So while embryos could make it to day 5, it could still be abnormal. Perhaps she means that because of DH’s type of abnormality, that our embryos won’t make it to day 5. I’m not sure.

Anyway, to help us get more answers, the geneticist gave us requisitions for DH’s parents to see if it was inherited. She is also going to follow up with the hospital about our other genetics counselling appointment. She believes that the more people we talk to the better. But overall, she believes are chances are good, and we shouldn’t worry too much. She was very reassuring that we were going to be okay.

This was all good news, DH wants to try naturally before doing IVF. I agreed to trying for a few months, but even if the chromosome abnormality isn’t a problem, we still have the issue of the low counts, and motility. So for now, it’s back to telling DH when it’s time to BD, and keeping my legs up!


10 thoughts on “New Consultation!

  1. I’m so glad you found a good RE. That makes such a huge difference. We were on the PGS fence for a while and ultimately decided to do it. Of course, different things work for different people 😉


    • I’m so relieved that we like the new RE. I have a lot more confidence with this clinic. After speaking with the geneticist, I’m on the fence with PGS too. With DH’s abnormality, our geneticist doesn’t think the embryos would make it to screening, let alone implantation, and the ones that do, are normal. So much to think about!!


  2. It sounds like you had a great appointment. It’s wonderful when you feel comfortable with a clinic 🙂 Wishing you the best of luck during these few months of trying naturally!


  3. It sounds like you had a great appointment which is so good to hear and I’m sure comforting for you as you take the next steps forward. I’m believing that these next few months of trying will be all that you need 🙂 Praying! xo


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