The Internet is my Infertility Frenemy

Before we even started TTC (or even married!), my SIL gave me her copy of Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. I read that book cover to cover in a couple days, and that’s when I started tracking my cycles. I was just doing it for fun at first, but quickly became obsessed with tracking my temperature, cervical mucus, and eventually my cervix.Dr. Google Continue reading

Running cost of TTC

I figured it might be worthwhile to keep track of how much we spend on TTC. I will probably be depressed knowing how much I spent, but I think it’s good to keep track.

How much have you spent on TTC? Let me know in the comments below!

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Supplements I have tried so far – For shortening my cycle

Estrosmart Plus

This was the first product I tried. At this point, I hadn’t really done much research, I had just gotten off the pill. I was out shopping and walked into a health food store just for the hell of it. I told the sales associate that I had just gotten off the pill, and we are currently trying to conceive. She recommended Estrosmart Plus. I took the pills every day for a month. The cycle after I completed the pills was actually “normal” at 28 days. Continue reading

Supplements I have tried so far – For improving EWCM

Being an impatient person, I was eager to research and try supplements that may help my cycle regulate itself. In addition to having irregular cycles, I also don’t have any egg white cervical mucus, so I added that symptom to my list to research.

Evening Primrose Oil

I was researching supplements that can help increase fertile cervical mucus, and EPO was something that came up again and again. EPO is derived from the seeds of the plant, and is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. In addition to being used for fertile cervical mucus, women also use it to ease PMS/menopausal symptoms. Continue reading