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Clearblue AdvancedIsn’t it funny that we all know where this happy face is from? I’ve been tracking my BBT for almost two years now. I do it so I know when I can expect AF. I started using ovulation predictor kits when we were actively TTC. I used it for a couple months, and stopped because of the cost, and honestly, there was no point due to DH’s sperm count. Continue reading

19 Facts About Ovulation – According to BuzzFeed

I was going through my Facebook Newsfeed, and this article from BuzzFeed kept popping up: 19 Facts About Ovulation That May Surprise You. I generally like BuzzFeed’s “listicles” but this one annoyed me. Maybe it’s because I know too much about ovulation, or because some of the things near the bottom of the list are absurd.Uterus Continue reading