{PG Post} Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it’s been 16 weeks since my last post! I am 33 weeks this week! Seriously, where has the time gone? I’ll do a quick run-down on what’s happened the past few months.

  • We’re having a boy and a girl! It took a while for us to get the confirmation that Baby B is a girl, but we’re ecstatic!
  • I finished work 4 weeks ago.
  • Babies’ room (they’re sharing one room) is 90% ready. I’ve done most of the laundry, and the furniture is built. I just have some organizing left to do, and also need to sterilize the bottles.
  • We’ve hired a part-time day nanny, and a full-time night doula for the first 2 months.
  • I’m still doing Bar Method! It’s been getting more and more challenging, but I’m trying to stay active as long as possible.
  • In addition to round ligament pain, I developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). This is where the pubic bone separates. I thought round ligament pain was bad, but SPD pain has completely overshadowed round ligament pain. Every little movement that involves my pelvis causes excruciating pain.
  • I also have gestational diabetes. My OB isn’t concerned about it, and told me not to change my diet. He said the worst case scenario is that I’ll have bigger babies, and that’s not a bad thing for a twin pregnancy.
  • My fingers had been swollen probably since the beginning of the second trimester, but now my hands and wrists are also swollen. They don’t look that bad, but it hurts to move/use my fingers at night.
  • My feet started swelling around week 28, and my legs started swelling around week 31.
  • Finally gave in and got a pedicure yesterday! I just can’t bend over comfortable to trim my nails anymore!
  • At the week 28 scan, my cervix was 3.73cm long, and closed.
  • As of 32 week scan, Baby boy was around 1.85kg, and Baby girl is around 1.69kg. They’re both right on track.
  • Baby A (boy) is head up though, so I will likely have to have a planned C-Section. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. I was really looking forward to having a vaginal delivery. It makes me sad that we didn’t get the typical POAS surprise to start our pregnancy, and now, we’ll likely have an unnatural end to our pregnancy. Not to mention all the risks associated with having major surgery, and the logistics of the moments right after the birth.
  • Lastly, we’re still trying to decide on names. I think we’re set on baby boy’s name, but we’re still trying to figure out baby girl’s name. The girl name my husband likes is too matchy with the boy’s name, and I really don’t want a matchy set of names.

Here’s a picture of my not so small bump! I’ll try to do another update before I deliver.

9 thoughts on “{PG Post} Where has the time gone?

    • Thank you! Congrats to you too! At my very first appointment, he said I’ll be induced at 38 at the latest. I think they’ll stay in there, but I’m starting to be in a lot of pain, so we’ll see. My goal is over 37.


  1. You look awesome! You sound like you are ready, light years ahead of me anyway! Lol. I’m 32 weeks 4 days and feel like I have nothing ready! I better get a move on. One more week of work…..don’t feel bad about the c section, I might have to have one also due to placenta previa, I was a little bummed at the thought of it but then just told myself the main thing is get him out safely. I wish you all the best!

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      • I hear ya! I am done work now, and six weeks to go. Now, I can start to get organized. We are just putting in some flooring next week and then have the green light. Also really need to update the blog 🙂

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