{PG Post} Second Trimester Already!

It’s been a long time since I last updated. First trimester was pretty uneventful. I didn’t have any morning sickness, but I did start getting pain in my groin around week 7. I also had heartburn, indigestion, difficulty getting comfortable enough to sleep. I also had no spotting since my LMP. No implantation bleeding or anything. But that all changed!!

I spotted for half a day after the first time DH and I BD. I was a little worried, but since it was brown, and stopped pretty quickly, I didn’t panic too much. But then, we BD’d a couple weeks later, and I started to spot again. This time, I was 12 weeks, just at the end of my first trimester.

I didn’t think much of it at first. I spotted the day after we BD’d, but by the time I got home from work, I had a clot, and the bleeding was becoming red. I was concerned, and worried, but there was nothing I could do. My fertility clinic was closed, I wasn’t bleeding enough to call the on-call doctor, and I was still two weeks away from my first OBGYN appointment.

I was anxious all night. I did manage to get some sleep, but it was so hard falling back asleep after my middle of the night pee. When I wiped, it was still red. I left a VM for the nurses at my RE nurses at 7am, and went to work. I was hoping they would call me back before I actually got to work. But no call back. I finally called again at 10:30am, and the receptionist wanted to give me their voicemail. I explained the situation, and luckily she was able to get me through to a nurse.

I told the nurse what was happening, but there wasn’t anything she could do because they can’t be legally responsible for me after 10 weeks. She suggested I called my OBGYN, or contact the Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre at our hospital. I called my OBGYN, and the receptionist couldn’t do anything. She told me to go to the hospital. I was holding it together pretty well until I talked t other nurses. The more I talked to them, the more anxious I got. Between the 30 seconds it took for me to walk from my hiding spot back to my office, I was full-on crying.

I messaged my office-mate that I was going to the hospital. He was the first one in the office who knew I was expecting. His wife is also expecting. He saw that I was freaking out, and offered to go to the hospital with me. I happily accepted! I calmed down pretty quickly. I had to drive myself to the hospital after all.

When we arrived, I had no idea where to go. I had never been to any hospitals before. It took a few tries before we figured out where we had to go. Luckily there weren’t a lot of patients at L&D. I was admitted right away, and a nurse did an intake questionnaire. I was in a bed within 30 minutes of arriving. The bleeding was that bad at that point, and I never felt any cramping. I had to wait for the lab tech to come to draw some blood for the regular prenatal blood work, then I had to wait for a resident to come examine me. She felt around my abdomen and said everything looked ok. She was planning on referring me to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre because they don’t have the transvaginal ultrasounds at the L&D. I was pretty disappointed when she said this. The Early Pregnancy Assessment Centre takes about 48 hours before they can see a patient. This would have wrecked havoc on my sanity. Luckily, after consulting with the attending doctor, they decided to give me an abdominal ultrasound instead.

While I was waiting for the attending doctor to arrive, the resident did a speculum and digital exam, and said my cervix looks great. The doctor arrived shortly after and I was able to see my babies! She didn’t know how to use all the functions on the ultrasound, so she couldn’t figure out how to get the doppler to work, but I was able to see their heartbeats. Baby A even moved around a bit for us. I was so relieved that they were okay. Baby B was almost next to my belly button! The whole ordeal took about 2 hours.

We went back to the office, and I felt fine. By the end of the day, I went to the bathroom, and my panty liner was completely filled with red blood. I tried not to freak out. I figured it was just from the examinations. It took another couple days for the spotting to be completely gone.

The spotting was gone for a whole 3 days!! It started back up again on Tuesday, week 13 exactly. It was red, but I didn’t experience any cramping. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. I feel like if I could use a tampon, it would stop the bleeding, but I know that would also risk an infection. I was so excited when I stopped Endometrin because that meant I didn’t need to wear any liners. But here I am sporting liners. I’m still spotting as I write this. I’m not panicked even though it’s red. I guess I just have any overly engorged cervix.

One more week till I see my OBGYN, and my babies again! Praying for the best.

Here’s a bump shot. I’m still not really showing yet. I know some women are super excited to start showing, but I’m happy that I’m not. I figured the bigger I am in the first trimester, the bigger I’m going to get. I already know I’m going to be huge in the end, so I’m enjoying the last few moments of being bumpless.


11 thoughts on “{PG Post} Second Trimester Already!

  1. I say if your gut thinks it’s nothing major you are probably right. I had horrible stomach pains around 12 weeks and I just felt like it didn’t have anything to do with the baby and I was right it was a cyst that had ruptured. Can’t wait to hear how the next appointment goes!!

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