An update…finally!!

I’m sorry that I’ve completely disappeared since my last TWW update. But don’t worry, nothing bad has happened. I am still pregnant! It’s been almost a month since my last update, as of today, I am 7 weeks, 6 days.IVF Update

DH and I went to NYC between Christmas and New Year’s, and guess what, I didn’t pack enough Endometrin!! We were going for 5 days, and I had in my head that I will pack 6 pills and that would give me one extra does. When I arrived at my hotel on Christmas day, I realized my terrible mistake! I need 3 pills a day, so I actually only packed enough for two days! We ended up spending most of Christmas day walking around Manhattan trying to get a prescription (US doctors won’t accept Canadian prescriptions), then trying to find a pharmacy that was opened, that had Endometrin in stock! Let me tell you, that was not fun! Luckily, we ended the day by watching the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, and a trip up the Empire State Building.

By the time we came back from NYC, I had caught the worst cold I have ever had. I used to be able to power through a cold. Take some Buckley’s, some nasal decongestant, and off I go. But this time, holy cow, was I ever wiped out! The worst part was that I couldn’t take anything. I bought some natural decongestant, but that didn’t do anything. I ended up sitting on the couch with a humidifier pointed at my nose. Fortunately, I had the week off work, so I was able to veg out, and recover.

I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had any morning sickness. The extent of my nausea is me getting dizzy if my stomach is completely empty. I’ve also been waking up starving, which used to never happen. I’ve also been super thirsty, all the time. But if I drink too much water, I feel sick.

Overall, things are going well. I’m tired, but can’t seem to nap, but I also don’t seem to sleep well.

I told my parents before Christmas, and they were ecstatic! My MIL was in the know during the cycle, but I’ve kept her out of it since the transfer. After the retrieval, she would ask me everyday how the embryos were growing. I’m a private person IRL. I don’t like to talk about myself, and I’m not much of a talker (but I am very opinionated LOL). It was my intention to keep her out of the loop, but we were at a family friends’ Christmas dinner, and I accepted glasses of wine when offered (DH would drink them, except he sucked at switching out our wine glasses). Ever since, MIL kept offering me wine, and I took it.

I think his family has figured it out that I’m pregnant, and his mom grilled him about it last night. He wouldn’t tell her anything though. She asked him if I was drinking, and DH said he didn’t know. MIL said the embryos were transferred 6 weeks ago, and DH said no, they were transferred 2 weeks ago, and we haven’t tested. This morning, she texted me asking how everything is going, and I just said fine. No other info given. I’m grateful that she cares, but at the same time, I just want some privacy. I’ll share the news when I’m ready. She’ll be away in a week for 2 weeks. I think I can avoid her next week, and just make the announcement when she comes back. By then I’ll be almost 12 weeks.

I went for my viability ultrasound last week, and my RE was happy with how everything looked. I will post an update on that shortly!

Thank you to everyone’s support during our cycles. I still can’t believe this is happening.

7 thoughts on “An update…finally!!

  1. Yay so glad everything is going well. I have totally messed up on taking meds when we traveled before too. It was a pain but like you we managed. That’s annoying about your MIL. Sounds like how mine can be during a cycle. It’s always hard because you feel bad not including them but then it’s like please let us tell you if there is something to tell. Hope you are feeling better.

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