TWW Update!

IVF UpdateThe TWW was uneventful. It was actually only nine days. I didn’t pee on a stick once! I didn’t feel much the first few days, but my boobs were definitely feeling fuller. Every day, I would grab my boobs to see if they were sore. They were definitely tender, but not painful like the first TWW.

I was a little worried because I didn’t feel much cramping, and my boobs didn’t hurt as much, but tried my best to keep it out of my mind. On Saturday (6DP5DT), my errand day, I did my weekly grocery shopping at Costco. My post transfer specifically said not to lift anything greater than 10 pounds. I’m not sure how much my Costco bag weighed, but it was heavy. Later that day I got some short, but intense, cramping. I was definitely worried at that point. Was 11DPO still within implantation period?

Finally it was beta #1 day on 9DP5DT. I had a good feeling about it. My boobs were still tender, and heavy. But honestly, that was the only thing I could go on. My previous transfers, my tenderness stopped 7DP5DT for #1, and my boobs just never hurt on the FETs. I went in first thing in the morning when the lab opened, and I was second in line. Of course, with my luck, there’s mother and her screaming child after me. She asked if she could take my spot because she has two kids at home. That really pissed me off. Just because you have children, doesn’t mean you can do whatever the hell you want. I just let her go ahead to avoid judgement from the other people. I’m still pissed about it!

Anyway, I signed up to get my results online, and I knew it doesn’t usually get posted until after lunch time. So I started checking the website when I got back from lunch. The result FINALLY came in just before 3pm. My beta was 459! I could not believe it. 459!!!!! The nurse from the clinic called me about 10 minutes later with the news, but since I already knew, I barely heard a word she said.

I had to repeat my beta two days later, and the lab tech was so nice. She asked if there was an end in sight for me, and I said, hopefully, this is the last one, and she said she hoped so too. After I got my blood drawn, it was back to the waiting game. I wasn’t supposed to get a call from the clinic if everything was going as planned, but my clinic phoned me around 10am. I was thinking that they couldn’t possibly have already received my blood test, but I was so nervous. The person on the phone turned out to be my RE’s assistant, and she was calling to schedule my ultrasound!

Finally, I got the result back just before 3pm. My beta had risen to 994! I thought it might have risen higher because we transferred two embryos, but I don’t care! I’m pregnant! The doubling time was about 43 hours. Right within the range of 31 – 72 hours. I honestly can’t believe it. DH is happy, but he can’t stop worrying, so he’s kind of a Debbie Downer. Hopefully, he can get more excited, and enjoy the moment when we go for our ultrasound in January.

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