Transfer and Frosties Update

TransferToday is 1DP5DT. Our transfer was at 11:00am yesterday, so DH and I were able to go out for breakfast before heading to the clinic. We arrived about 40 minutes before our transfer time, so I can get checked in and changed. This is the first time DH has been able to go with me to a transfer. I’m taking it as a good sign!

I got changed, and the nurse asked if DH was coming into the procedure room with me, and I said yes, but she later realized that he was wearing cologne, and apparently embryos are really sensitive to scents. So sadly, DH had to sit out.

The embryologist came to tell us about our embies. We had two 4AA blasts, 2 early blasts, and a few other multi-cell embryos. So yesterday, we transferred two 4AA’s!

The transfer went really smoothly. My RE wasn’t there to do my transfer, but the on-call doctor was great. I barely felt him put the catheter in. We were just chatting away, and he stopped suddenly to let the embryologist we were all set to go. My first transfer was quite a challenge. I have a retrograde uterus, and my RE didn’t know beforehand, so getting the catheter in was a bit of a pain. Luckily, all of my transfers since have been a breeze.

The embryologist called this morning to let me know how many made it to freeze. We started with 10 embryos, transferred two, and we are freezing three 3BB’s. I’m a little sad that we only got three to freeze. We had six yesterday that they were keeping an eye on. But I guess it’s still better than last time when we had one 2BB and one 2B-B-.

As for symptoms, nothing’s going on. I feel tinges once in a while, but I think that’s just me hallucinating. My post-ER bloat finally went away on Saturday, but I was super bloated again last night.

Please stick embies!!

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