Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

The retrieval happened on Tuesday!! There’s good news and bad news. Bad news: my RE didn’t do the retrieval, and now three days later, I’m still full of gas. I’m pretty sure it’s not OHSS since it’s my upper abdomen that’s bloated, and I just feel gassy.ER Embryo

The OR was running a little behind schedule. My operating time was supposed to be at 10am, but they didn’t take the previous patient in until 9:50am. The nurse was great at putting my IV in this time. The first go around, the nurse could not get it into my elbow for the life of her. She ended up putting it in my hand, and that was not pleasant at all. The bruise in the picture is from my last monitoring appointment. I was still spurting blood when the nurse pulled out the needle. This cycle definitely left a lot more physical marks.IMG_8188

I was finally in the OR at 10:25, and things quickly got under way. I feel like they didn’t use enough medication this time, even though it was more than the first time. I was supposed to be fully sedated, but I swear I was partially awake, and knew what was going on for part of the procedure. I even remember getting up and moving onto the bed and being rolled to recovery. I had no recollection of this the first time.

The doctor retrieved 12 eggs this time. I was a little disappointed with this number since we had 15 eggs last time. HOWEVER, this time we had 10 mature eggs, and all 10 fertilized! Last time we also had 10 fertilized. (I won’t recap what happened before, you can read it here.)

On Day 2, all 10 were growing, but one had 2 nuclei, so the lab stopped culturing it. On Day 3, today, all nine were still growing, but one was a little slower. This is great news! By Day 3 last time, we only had 5 good ones.

In terms of my recovery, it’s been okay. I’m still super gassy, like I mentioned before. I’ve tried a heated compress, enzymes for digestion, and peppermint tea. I’m also drinking lots of electrolytes. I hope this will go away soon. It’s so uncomfortable and it hurts when I walk.

Transfer will be on Day 5, which is Sunday. It is also the due date of our first transfer. I hope this brings us good luck. Please keep us in your prayers!!

10 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval and Embryo Update

  1. That is so great that you have 10 that fertilized and still have 9 growing! Our last cycle (the one I am pregnant from) we had fewer retrieved, but the quality was so much better. I think it really makes a huge difference when you don’t have a ton and the quality is really high. Keep us updated!

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