Microblog Mondays: IVF #2 End of Stims!


I had my trigger shot last night, and I’m needle free today after taking injections for three weeks!! The injections this time were a little more challenging. DH gave me a HUGE bruise a last week, and I gave myself a little one a couple of days ago.

My retrieval is set for tomorrow morning. I’m not sure what to expect this time. My RE did my monitoring yesterday, and said we will have at least 10 eggs. I’m a little disappointed with 10. I think I have about 16 follicles. Hopefully my RE is just being overly cautious. We collected 15 eggs during our first cycle.

Ironically, if we do a day 5 transfer, the day of my transfer is the due date of our first cycle. Maybe that’s a sign?

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13 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: IVF #2 End of Stims!

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