Needles and stuff

IVF UpdateSo it has begun. IVF round 2 is well underway. I started Lupron last Saturday, without any drama. I had DH do the shots for me for about a week since I just couldn’t stab myself with the tiny needle. But something came over me a few nights ago, and I said, screw it, I’m doing this myself. So here we are, about a week left of lupron, and I’m doing the shots myself! Woot!

Today was the first milestone in our second round. I went in this morning for a hysteroscopy. I didn’t have one the first time, and my RE thought we might as well go take a look. He said some women are successful after a hysteroscopy because of the disturbance in the uterus. I’m not sure if I believe that, but it doesn’t hurt to look around right?

Typically, they recommend sedation with Ativan and Oxycodone for the procedure. I would’ve needed to get a ride home, and take the day off work. Considering I had been away for 3 weeks out of the last 6, I figured I probably shouldn’t take another day off. The schedule also didn’t work out with DH’s work, and I did some Googling, and decided that I’m just going for it with out sedation. I figured, I’ve had a colposcopy before, and I’ve had local anaesthetic injected into my cervix, so I can handle it.

My appointment was at 8am, and I was told to arrive at 7:15am. After a lot of sitting around, and measuring my BP, and temperature, I was finally brought in. The nurse had to set me up with another BP measurment, and clipped on the heart rate monitor, and I laid on the table for another 20 minutes before my RE showed up. Did I mention I have my period? Nothing better than lying around with period dripping out (sorry tmi!).

While I was waiting for the RE, I mentioned to the nurse that I was scheduled for my baseline tomorrow. I mentioned it just to confirm the appointment, but the nurse said, there’s no reason we can’t do everything today. I was so happy to hear that! This means I get to sleep in tomorrow!!

Everything went smoothly. I must say that it was waaaay more uncomfortable than a colposcopy or a HSG. The speculum went in, then the anaesthetic. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel the needles for the anaesthetics. But holy crap! When the catheter went in with the saline, I was so uncomfortable! It was like cramping, and being punched from the inside at the same time! The camera was also very uncomfortable. But the nurse did turn the monitor so I could see what was happening. I saw my fallopian tubes, and my uterus. Everything looked healthy to me (because I know what my insides should look like – LOL). It was a relief when the scope came up, but then it was time for the biopsy. I didn’t feel the clamp go in, but I felt the tissue being pulled from my uterus! Luckily, the pain was blunt, and quick.

I can see why they recommend sedation, but honestly, the procedure took about 10 minutes, and I’m in no pain now. I would feel like I wasted the day if I had taken the day off.

I just got the call back from the blood test, and my blood work is good to go. I continue with lupron, and start puregon and menopur on Friday night! I think I’ll need DH to do the stims for me though. The clicky pen always creeps me out, and menopur burns like crazy!

18 thoughts on “Needles and stuff

  1. oh my gosh. I cringed at reading this post. KUDOS to you for doing the procedure without sedation. You are a freaking champ. I am the biggest wimp and would pay extra out of pocket for sedation if needed. Shoot, if I ever have to have an HSG again, I am going to ask for extra drugs. I am glad everything went well though! I am still in awe you did that without being put under.

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  2. Interesting, I was never offered sedation at my hysteroscopy. Mine didn’t hurt much if at all, and the doctor cut away a fibroid. I am glad that everything worked out for you and you didn’t have to take a day off. Good luck this cycle!

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    • Oooh!! When I told the MA that I didn’t want it because I wanted to drive myself, she was hesitant and said that it’s highly recommended. I just felt a lot of pressure and cramping. The biopsy was probably easier for me than them injecting the saline. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. I now remember the nurse asking my RE if he wanted more pressure from the pump. aaaah. blocking it out of my mind.


  3. So proud of you doing your own shots! That’s awesome. I did a few of mine, but then one day had a major panic attack and called my friend in tears to come over to help me. Interesting about the hysteroscopy and no sedation…I had mine in combination with a laprascopy…and something else (can’t even remember now), but I was DEFINITELY sedated for that. Glad everything worked out for combining it to one appointment…..that was nice! Sending positive vibes your way!!! Grow follies, grow!

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  4. Wow! I applaud you for doing it without sedation. Yikes. I’ve had two but I was sedated and I’ve also had a endometrial tickle and that with nothing n I turned pale when they scraped my poor uterus.

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