I’m back…kind of…

FET 2 UpdateIt’s been a while since I’ve logged into my account, or read your posts. I just haven’t been feeling up to it. But I thought I’d give an update on what’s going on. As you know from the last post, our first FET didn’t work. We transferred our second, and last embryo on Friday, July 3.As much as I wanted to think happy thoughts for that last transfer, I knew deep down that it wasn’t meant to be. When I arrived at the clinic that day, the embryologist told me that the embryo hadn’t fully expanded yet, so she wasn’t able to grade it. Of course she also said that they have seen pregnancies with embryos that weren’t fully expanded at transfer. But honestly, I didn’t believe her.

As predicted, the embryo didn’t stick. My beta came back at zero. I thought a beta of two was dismal with the other FET. I wasn’t as heartbroken about this failed FET as I was with the first one. I already knew it wasn’t going to work, so I just kept busy, and tried to enjoy life as much as possible. Luckily, during the TWW, I had family in town for my cousin’s wedding. So there was lots of eating out, and doing “visitor stuff” instead of my usual go home from work, and sit on the couch routine.

I had already planned out a date for our next IVF cycle when the nurse called to tell me my beta. I didn’t want a follow up with my doctor, but the MA called a couple days later and our doctor wanted a follow up.

There wasn’t much our doctor said that we didn’t know in terms of why the cycle failed. We know the source of the problem, and we know that’s why the embryo quality was bad. He did want to change my protocol. I was previously on BCP for suppression, and took Puregon, and Menopur. But my stims period was only 8 days, and we got 15 eggs.

In an effort to get more eggs, therefore more embryos – hopefully, my doctor is putting me on a long protocol with Lupron. I haven’t done much research about Lupron, so please do share your experiences!

I was originally going to start the next cycle in September, when I have about 4 weeks where I’m in town. But after talking with the doctor, and switching the protocol, I won’t be able to begin until I’m done all my travelling, which is in November. I’m sad that we have to wait so long before we start, but I guess it’s for the best.

Meanwhile, I’ve joined Snapchat, so if you’re on it, feel free to add me!! My username is meesh_au.

15 thoughts on “I’m back…kind of…

  1. I like your post, but I dont like it!! 😦 I am so so sorry you had to go through all that and you must feel like you are just hanging in lymbo land …and now while you wait to start next cycle in Nov just feels like so far away. Massive Strength and power to you to keep busy enough to make it hurt less until your next cycle 🙂 x


  2. I was on Lupron and our experience was pretty good-18 retrieved, 8 day 6 embies made it to freeze. I hope it works well for u too.
    On another note, I am sorry to hear that the second FET did not work out. I give u credit for picking up the pieces and looking forward, not behind with what sounds to me like a positive outlook! Best wishes 💕

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  3. Best of luck on your next cycle! I’ve been off here a bit as well. I’m the same way with the needles, in is fine out makes me woozy. Lol. Also would love to chat in the waiting room but it rarely happens. Just the way it is everywhere I suppose.

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  4. I am so sorry to hear about the FET 😦 I took lupron and it seems like stemmed for 14 days maybe? I took the lupron prior to even starting the stem meds and continued taking it a little bit into the stem time. I didn’t really have any issues with it except for a headache the first day or so. Other than that no issues. We retrieved 11. I hope a change in protocol is just what you need!


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