FET #1 Update

FET Update
I am currently on day 21 of our first FET cycle. I must say, an FET cycle is a lot less stressful than a fresh IVF cycle. I don’t have to worry about going to the clinic everyday for blood work and ultrasounds, I don’t need to get jabbed with needles every night, and I don’t need to worry about my ovaries being over stimulated.Even though, it’s been “easy”, I think I prefer a fresh cycle to a frozen one. I’ve been on estrogen for three weeks now. My raging hormonal bitchiness has subsided since sticking the pills up my hoo-ha in addition to taking it orally. I guess my body has finally adjusted to the hormones. It might have helped that I was able to go on a short vacation with some girlfriends for a bachelorette party.

After 2 weeks of estrogen, my lining was at 6mm. The doctor said a minimum of 7mm is needed to sustain a pregnancy. I added estrace vaginally in the third week, and today my lining measured at 8.4mm. This is apparently good enough! Although my fresh cycle’s lining was at 9mm.

I am to continue with my estrogen, and in two days, I need to go for a blood test for LH and progesterone. I guess this is to make sure I haven’t, or won’t, ovulate. Once I get the ok, I will start Crinone gel, and doxycycline. Please do share your stories about your Crinone experience. I was on Endometrin for the fresh cycle, and that was nassssssty! I want to be as prepared as possible.

As of right now, my transfer is scheduled for 8 days from today!! Eeek!

7 thoughts on “FET #1 Update

  1. I second the nastiness of Crinone. Ive been on it 3 different IVFs and Im over it. Im almost tempted to go for PIO on our 4th. LOL. Its just what she said-white, gooey chunks. And then if God forbid you miscarry & its built up, its beyond disgusting. Hope its not terrible for u!! Everyone is different 😊

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