I have exulansis!

I was procrastinating at work, and came across this Buzzfeed post. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compilation of invented words by graphic designer, John Koenig.Exulansis

This word, or I guess definition, fits with so many of us perfectly. Reading this word reminds me of how lucky I am to have all of you here for support and discussion. Without this community, I would have no one to talk to. Sure, my MIL is great, she had endometriosis, and it took 5 years for her to conceive DH. But she quickly got pregnant with my SIL within 6 months of giving birth to DH. She never had to go through treatment, so she doesn’t completely understand what it’s like for me.

Here’s to our anti-exulansis community! xo

6 thoughts on “I have exulansis!

  1. My MIL had a similar situation in that it took her 7 years to conceive my husband. I don’t think they ever knew a reason but she then went on to have a daughter and another son a few years later. I feel more comfortable with her during this time as well.

    That is a perfect description for infertility.

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