Microblog Mondays: IVF #1 Follow Up


A couple of weeks ago, I went to the clinic to have a follow up with my RE. DH had to work, so my MIL offered to come. I’m so blessed to have in-laws like them. Being Chinese, talking about feelings is unheard of. Granted, I feel completely awkward and uncomfortable when we do talk about feelings, and also when my parents hug me. But it’s different with my in-laws. I’m so open with them, we talk about everything, have open arguments/debates about stuff. There isn’t really anything I won’t talk about with them.

I didn’t hesitate when my MIL offered to come. She’s German, and very opinionated. I knew she would have questions for our RE that I wouldn’t think of. She’s also been there for me through the whole process, checked in with me all the time, and made an effort to learn all about the drugs, and procedures I had gone through.

The primary reason why I wanted to meet with our RE was to discuss how many embryos to transfer. We have 2 embies left. One is a 4BB, the other is a 4B-B-. DH wanted to transfer two so we can “get it over with”, but I don’t want to. I don’t want twins, and I’m a small person, so I don’t think I would be able to carry twins with little complications.

At the appointment, the RE explained what happened. Sperm don’t start contributing their DNA to the embryo until day 3. So based on how many we lost on day 3, it’s clear that our embryos had a sperm problem. Which we knew already, that’s why we were doing ICSI.

Day 0 15 eggs
Day 1 10 fertilized
Day 2 9 growing
Day 3 10 growing! 6 avg (3 are AWESOME), 4 below avg
Day 4 5 above avg, 5 below avg
Day 5 One 2AB, two others still growing. Other 7 discarded 😦
Day 6 One 4BB, one 4B-B- frozen

My lining was at 9mm at transfer, and he said that was great. I thought that was a little on the thin side, but who am I to judge? I asked about transferring two. He said there was no reason for us to transfer two because I’m under 35, and I’m healthy. I also brought up my concern about having an incompetent cervix due to my LEEP procedure. If we were to transfer two, then I’d be at a greater risk of having an incompetent cervix vs. transferring one. He didn’t really talk about the risks of carrying two babies. But I guess he’s not an OB/GYN. His goal is to get me pregnant.

Apparently there is an increasing trend at all clinics with greater pregnancy rates using frozen embryos vs. fresh ones. My RE attributed it to better freezing techniques, and also the women’s body being less stressed at the time of FET. When he said pregnancy rates, it reminded me of a CSI:Cyber episode I just saw where the RE was using fake ultrasounds to show patients they were pregnant, and then they’d “miscarry”, and have to do another cycle. One of the patients decided to go to another doctor because the new clinic had higher live birth rates, where as the original clinic only reported pregnancy rates.

Anyway, we decided it was best for my health to only transfer one. So here we are, waiting for AF to arrive. Today is my 12DPO, so I should be expecting AF in the next couple of days.

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10 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays: IVF #1 Follow Up

  1. Glad you were able to get some questions answered. I haven’t seen that CSI but I am glad I didn’t! I worry about crazy stuff like that all of the time, or like what if they get sperm mixed up? I can not imagine! haha

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  2. I am so happy you got some answers and feel comfortable with your decision! I also think it’s great that you have such a wonderful MIL! I’m wishing you the absolute best, I so want your transfer to result in your take home baby!!! πŸ™‚

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