Join the #1in6 campaign

Canadians need support too! 1 in 8 US couples face infertility, while the statistic in Canada is 1 in 6! Join us in spreading the word on infertility in Canada!

Awaiting Autumn

The Canadian Infertility Awareness week is May 19-28, 2015. As Canadians, we need to be vocal about our struggles with infertility. Awareness promotes understanding, builds community, and hopefully will help shape the future of fertility funding in Canada.

When we first started trying to conceive, I found it difficult to find Canadian-specific infertility resources. Then, I discovered the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) and reached out to volunteer with them.

I recently had a call with Carolynn Dube, the new Executive Director of IAAC. I’m super excited about the upcoming changes and new initiatives they are rolling out.

To build awareness, IAAC is hosting the #1in6campaign.

IAAC is looking for Canadian’s affected by infertility to share their stories. They will feature 1 story each day in May leading up to the 2015 Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

If you are interested, submit your write-up along with 1-2 high resolution photos to

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2 thoughts on “Join the #1in6 campaign

  1. This is such a great way to spread awareness! Social media is such a powerful tool and the more information that’s out there, the better. The US has Infertility Awareness week starting April 19th. So between the US and Canada, I’m hoping we reach a lot of people!

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