MicroblogMonday: FET protocol


I would’ve been 6 weeks today, ultrasound week. But I’m not. I’m doing okay though. It helped that I had family in town the last two weeks, so I’ve been kept extra busy. I had to take a HPT on Wednesday to confirm that it was negative. What a cruel joke. Needless to say, it was negative. We decided to get going on the FET asap. Once I get AF, I will call the clinic, do the baseline, then start Estrace. I’m not sure how long I’d be on it yet, but I will add Crinone later on. There’s now down reg with a BCP. Has anyone done this protocol before? I tried Googling, but couldn’t really find out much.

I have a follow up appointment with my RE tomorrow about what happened, and what the risks would be for transferring 2 embies. Any questions I should ask?

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13 thoughts on “MicroblogMonday: FET protocol

  1. I’m on Estrace for the entire first trimester as well as progesterone suppositories! I started the Estrace probably three weeks before my transfer to get lining nice and thick!


  2. Just know that if you do transfer two there is a possibility that the embryos can split therefore with a possibility of 4 babies. I know it sounds crazy but we transferred two and one took…then split! Although the second baby didn’t continue growing it was an eye opener to realize it could have actually been 3 babies…or 4! I did know that in advance but wanted to give us the best shot so that’s what we did. As long as you do what’s best for you that’s all that matters. I’m excited for you for this cycle!

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  3. My clinics protocol is to down regulate with bcp. After noticing it affected my lining I was taken off this protocol and used lupron after I ovulated. One I got my period I would go in for baseline ultrasound to start estrace or vivelle patches. How many you transfer is really a personal choice. I’ve done both and I’ve both outcomes. One taking and both. After two miscarriages both my doctor and I decided to go with a single transfer for the fear that my body would have a hard time when a twin pregnancy or more since it was struggling to stay pregnant in the first place. Glad to say our little one is still going strong inside my womb. Do what’s best for you.


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  4. I agree with Jojo. Since we have miscarried with twins several times, we will only do a single embryo transfer the next time. If u have never miscarried, trying 2 might not be a bad idea. I know alot of people transferring two that never get pregnant with twins. Its rare for them to all split and all implant. For us, when we transferred 2, both implanted both times, & we miscarried both times. We hope one does the trick!

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