Side effects!

I’m on my last week of birth control (last day on Sunday! EEEEPS!), and while I don’t have side effects like nausea, headaches etc., I think I do have one rather important one that effects people around me.0006808_mr-right-and-mrs-always-right-quirky-couple-t-shirtsI feel like I’ve become a raging hormonal bitch! Well, only towards DH, which is horrible, but he keeps doing things that piss me off (case in point – raging bitch!). I’ve been asking him for two months now to get the policy number for his new insurance plan because I needed it for dental work. My plan is crap and only covers 60% if I’m lucky. I’m going to give you some advice here – DON’T SWALLOW YOUR CROWN IN YOUR SLEEP!

Anyway, it’s been one month since the new insurance coverage began, and we still haven’t received the policy info. I can’t get pre-authorization without that info, so I have to pay out of pocket to get the work done. This also applies to our upcoming IVF meds bill! I’m sure you all know how much that is! When I got home last night, I asked him if the info arrived in the mail, and the first thing he said was HUUUH? So I repeated myself, and he’s like WHAAAAAAAT? So I ended up yelling to him, which in turn made him yell back at me. It’s not hard for him to find out the policy number. He just doesn’t care enough to do it.

Same thing happened this morning. I cooked extra dinner so DH will have a lunch to take to work today. I went to bed early, and didn’t put the packed lunches in the fridge. When I woke up this morning, he had taken one of my smaller lunches, and his lunches were still on the counter. So I yelled to him that he took my lunch, and again, I received a HUUUUUH, and a WHAAAAAAT?

I ended up dropping his lunch on our foyer table, and got a sarcastic “awesome” in return. UGGGGGH

This is also following last Sunday when he took my lunch containers, which are smaller, and are just completely different from his, to his parents’ house for his lunches (DH’s mom still packs most of his lunches), instead of taking his own dirty containers, washing them, and bring it to his parents. I lost it on him because now we’re short on containers, and I don’t like using his containers because they leak! I know I’m anal, but he knows that about me, yet he just does things without thinking!

Ok, rant over. My mouth is now frozen from going to the dentist for crown lengthening – it’s as awful as it sounds.


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