Injection Training done!

DH and I went for our injection training yesterday. It’s really frustrating that all the appointments take about 20 minutes, but they can’t/won’t schedule them all in one day.Our training was pretty straightforward. I will be on 125 units of Puregon, and 75 units of Menopur to begin with. Then I will be taking Orgalutran, I won’t know the dosage until later on in the cycle. Pregnyl will be my trigger shot. If I get a BFP, then I will be on Endometrin 3 times a day until week 8.

The nurse went over my schedule again. I will stop BCP on March 1, and go in for my baseline on March 5. We can’t order drugs online in Canada, so the in-house pharmacy will be supplying all my medication. I will pick up my medication on March 5. I start my meds on March 6, and go in for my first monitoring appointment on March 9.

When I practiced putting the needles together, and mixing the meds, I was already shaking. I can’t imagine how I will be when it’s the real deal. Thank goodness DH was there, and hopefully he was paying attention! Haha.

I didn’t walk away empty handed today. I was given my syringes for the Menopur, the case and needles for the Puregon, some alcohol swaps, a box of Q-Caps, and a sharps container. I’m excited to get this going!

I never had any side effects with the many different types of BCP I’ve been on, so I’m not overly sensitive, but are there any side effects I should know about with these drugs?

7 thoughts on “Injection Training done!

  1. I just transferred this week. I took Gonal F, Luveris and Cetrotide. If there are side effects…I would say bloating and abdomen tenderness…I didn’t really notice anything else, but I am sure there was a few. I didn’t have a huge appetite during the injection phase…not sure if that was drug related or distraction. Don’t worry about the shaky hands with the needles. Use ice to numb the point where you inject and I found it to be a surreal experience because I didn’t feel anything. What clinic in Canada are you at? I just finished in Calgary.


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