One appointment down!

I went in for my SHG today. The appointment took less than 15 minutes including taking the elevator, checking in, peeing. Lol

I was asked to undress waist down, and to cover myself with the cloth. I think it’s hilarious that they use dog pee pads to absorb the water. I guess those do the trick pretty well.

I’m a short person, so I had a fun time trying to get on to the table. All I could think was to not use the stirrups as leverage. I can’t afford to pay for new stirrups! Lol

My RE was away at a conference, so his co-founder of the clinic did my u/s.

He didn’t say much. He listened to my heart and lungs (as my stomach grumbled), and explained what he was doing as he was doing it.

My uterine wall is smooth, and healthy, my ovaries looked great, and my follicle counts were good. He thinks I’ll respond well to the meds.

I did find this to be more uncomfortable than my HSG though. I felt the catheter more in today’s exam. I’m a little crampy now, but it isn’t anything I need Advil for.

Next up, DH’s sperm freeze on Monday, and our injection training on Tuesday. Also, the balance of our cycle is due on the 20th. At least I’m collecting lots of points on my credit card (thinking glass half full! Lol).

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