#MicroblogMonday: When did you give up caffeine?


Happy Family Day to my fellow British Columbians!

As the start date for our first IVF cycle approaches, I’m sipping my super caffeinated latte, and clinging on for dear life. While I don’t drink a lot of coffee (max 2 cups per day), I do enjoy my espresso drinks. Last year, I did go off caffeine for a while, and drank decaf drinks for a while. I still got my flavour fix, but I was yawning all day. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep, if I don’t get a good dose of caffeine, and sadly, it has to be from coffee, tea doesn’t do the trick, I just yawn and feel exhausted all day long.

When did you stop drinking caffeine during your ART cycles?

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24 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: When did you give up caffeine?

  1. As I was filling up my 2nd (and last) caffeinated coffee this morning, I was thinking the same thing!! I drink black drip coffee, which as more caffeine than an esspresso shot. In fact, espresso shots are relatively weak compared to black coffee! I am interested to see what others post, but in my non-medical opinion, one espresso drink a day should be perfectly fine considering they say 2 black coffees a day is okay during pregnancy. I am going to go down to 1 caffeinated drink at the end of the month when my IVF cycle begins!

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  2. I stopped drinking coffee for a while, but then I said screw it. I gave up a lot of things to have a baby. It doesn’t seem to make a difference anyways. So my motto these days is moderation. I have one cup and then move on. During my transfer cycle, I may cut down. I may not. We shall see.

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  3. I stopped drinking coffee like last week….mostly haha. I did have one cup Sunday 😦 During my last pregnancy (ended up in miscarriage) the dr’s office said 2 cups a day like the comment above said. I just figured I would give myself the best shot I can with doing IVF so I may have a cup here or there but I’m trying to skip the caffeine. Luckily my caramel macchiato from starbucks is still great in decaf 🙂

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  4. I have also heard max two cups a day. Years ago I was a die-hard java junkie…. I’ve cut down drastically to 1-2 cups a day now. My doctors say there is absolutely nothing wrong with a coffee or two each day – which is good. I don’t know if I could be successful in, or civil for that matter, in giving up my daily caffeine dose. As we get closer to IVF, my plan is to cut down to one cup of coffee max.

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  5. I think this is such a personal choice. Last cycle I cut back a lot during stims then had none during the 2ww. This time around I read an article that is now in my head that cited a study done with mice that showed any amount of caffeine had an affect on properly maturing their eggs. This of course made me paranoid since I have an egg quality issue and completely cut out caffeine altogether (even chocolate). I am of two conflicting mindsets ( one- we all need to actually have a life through this hell) and ( Two- I want to do everything in my power to give me the best shot.) The second mindset has won out for now and after 8 grueling days of detox- the no caffeine thing is actually manageable.

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  6. I tried my best to cut down on caffeine leading up to, and once I started stimming (also before my FET). But like many others have said, you give up so much in this process, I feel that moderation is key. If I cut something cold turkey it just makes me want it more, and potentially go on a binge of whatever it is that I am trying to avoid! My “guiding tool” if you will, was to minimize the things that were going to cause me regret. If I didn’t cut caffeine completely, was I going to look back and wish that I had, or blame that for any possible failure/problems? Path of least regret is best 🙂

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  7. My doctors all said you could have a cup of coffee per day no problem, but I had read all this stuff (but now can’t recall where so it could very well be bunk) that there is a compound in coffee that can interfere with implantation, separate from the caffeine, and that scared me. Of course I can’t substantiate it, so I question the hell out of it now. There are connections between caffeine and lining, so I would quit as soon as I was building a lining, but not before. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but love it on the weekends in particular, and so would wait until the last possible minute even though I rarely had more than one cup per day. I started questioning it when I quit the coffee but STILL had lining/implantation issues, so I’m not sure how much it truly matters as long as you’re within doctor’s guidelines. Hopefully that is helpful and not a rambling mess! 🙂

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  8. I didn’t and don’t really drink much coffee anymore, maybe a small cafe au lait one or two times a week, when at work. But I never did cut out tea during any IF treatments or pregnancy. My doctors were never concerned with the amount I did(n’t) drink. All within moderation I say.

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