What appointments did your partner go to?

I finally heard back from my nurse, and because we decided against PGD, she’s no longer responsible for our appointments, and I didn’t need to go to the office on CD3. Instead I had to call my RE’s assistant, and she will schedule our appointments.My first appointment will be on Feb 12 for the sonohysterogram, DH will be in on Friday the 13th (eeps) for his semen analysis. We’ll then both go on Feb 17 for our injection training.

DH and I aren’t going with each other for the SHG and SA. He has to work during my appointment, and I’m working during his appointment.

My question is which appointments do you think are necessary where we would need each other’s support? He starts work at 7:30am, so I don’t think he would be able to make it to regular monitoring appointments.

I’m getting excited!!

15 thoughts on “What appointments did your partner go to?

  1. Tim did not come with me to any of my monitoring appts. He had to be at work early and it just wasn’t practical. This was totally fine for me. They were typically quick appointments. Maybe have your dude there at one appointment towards the very end, so he can see your ginormous follicles haha. You’ll want him there for retrieval, transfer and any pregnancy ultrasounds, but other than that, I think you’d be ok on your own.

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  2. I agree with the comment above, I would say more towards the end then retrieval, transfer and any pregnancy ultrasounds. My hubby has gone to a few just because he wanted to. I am totally ok going by myself though. Oh and he went for my sonohysterogram, which where he was sitting was right up in the middle of everything so ya know, having him the Dr and nurse all down there was a little awkward but it’s just whatever at this point! haha

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  3. My HSG and his SA was on the same day at different locations and he’s only ever been to RE consults and the retrieval with me. I don’t think it’s necessary for him to be a the monitoring ones. They’re usually like 5 minutes long anyway.

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  4. I like to have my hubby come to any appointment where we sit down with the RE to discuss protocol, treatment, etc. As far as monitoring, I generally do that myself. I don’t go with him to his SA simply because we both like to pretend it never actually happened. We will be starting our IVF treatment in early March and we plan on having him come to the RE appointment before injections begin and then probably the last couple of ultrasounds as the follicles are getting bigger. He is planning on taking my retrieval day off and then being there for the transfer. After that, we will come with me for any pregnancy ultrasounds. I hope this helps!


  5. I agree with the comments above. I like my husband there with me when I’m actually speaking with the RE about protocol. He doesn’t come to any monitoring appointments with me and honestly they are so quick, it wouldn’t make sense for him to take off work. He did come with me for the HSG and sono, which I agree with the poster above, was a bit awkward for him. Although, I felt like it was good because he then understood what I had to go through. (Haha) I thought, “Let it be awkward!” 🙂

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  6. My hubby went with me when we talked about options and protocol. But the monitoring ones, I went to on my own. I had to do those almost every three days for six months (lots of treatment cycles) and there was no way he could go to all of those. :/

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  7. My hubby didn’t come with me to any of my infertility appointments other than the sis (saline sonogram rather than iv contrast). For the sis he wasn’t in the room but knowing he was in the waiting room for support was really beneficial.

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