Getting started, but I have no idea what’s happening!

We are finally starting IVF! Unlike some other couples struggling with IF, DH and I have not tried Clomid, Femara, or IUI. We will not be trying these methods. When I met with my OB last year, he immediately referred us to a fertility clinic due to DH’s sperm issues. After meeting with two different RE’s, they both agree that with DH’s low sperm counts, motility, and whatever else they look at, the chance of anything succeeding besides IVF are very slim.IVF-Injections- Continue reading

Insider info!

I have a friend who is a pharmacist, and she is someone I trust with my medical questions. Even though she’s not a doctor, her opinion about drugs, and treatment is important to me.Thermometer

We went for dinner last night, and I asked her what she knew about Gnrh agonist vs. antagonist. She didn’t know much about the drugs off the top of her head, but she offered to research it and get back to me. I told her it wasn’t urgent, and to take her time. Continue reading

#MicroblogMonday: I made the call…well sent the email.

Microblog_MondaysI’ve been nervous about getting started with IVF. I was all for it last year, and was adamant that we were going to begin treatment in January. Well, January is here, and it has taken my over two weeks to gather my nerves to contact our RE.

I sent the email to him on Saturday, letting him know we were ready to begin. Gave him details of my cycle, and made a joke that we may be pregnant by the time we begin. Continue reading

Me against the blinky face

I started using OPKs again in November because I had some, and I  might as well use them before we start IVF. So in November, I got the blinky face for 8 days, starting on CD 16, before running out of sticks in the package. I eventually gave up, and my temp didn’t spike until day 28. That cycle ended up being 42 days. I attribute that to some Chinese medicine I was taking. My cycle had “normalized” the few cycles prior, and nothing else had changed. Continue reading

It’s been a while…

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post! During this time, I didn’t even read any blogs. Nothing was really happening for us on the IF front, and so many of the bloggers I follow became pregnant (so happy for you all!!!), I just needed a break.

Now I’m back!! DH and I went on a lovely vacation over the holidays. We were in Bali, Hong Kong, and I went to Taiwan with my family after DH came back home. I can’t say I’m refreshed from the trip since Asia isn’t a tremendously relaxing place, but it was great to get away. Here are some pictures I took in Bali. Continue reading