#MicroblogMonday: Early symptoms, or wishful thinking?


We are starting our first IVF cycle in a couple weeks. Today is 9DPO.

Last week, I had a few headaches, which I don’t normally get. If I do get headaches, they’re easily cured by some caffeine. These two times, the caffeine seemed to add dizziness to the headaches. I have also been really tired the past few days, and have been ravenous too! I don’t usually wake up hungry, but the last few days, my stomach has been grumbling! I would eat my normal sized meals, then I’d be hungry again in a couple hours. I’ve also been a little constipated (sorry, TMI, but I do talk about poop a lot), but my diet hasn’t changed, and I am still taking my probiotics as before.

It would be nice if I was pregnant. I’m not terribly fond of needles! Maybe I’m just starting to come down with a cold or something. Here’s to hoping AF doesn’t show up this weekend!

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12 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: Early symptoms, or wishful thinking?

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