Insider info!

I have a friend who is a pharmacist, and she is someone I trust with my medical questions. Even though she’s not a doctor, her opinion about drugs, and treatment is important to me.Thermometer

We went for dinner last night, and I asked her what she knew about Gnrh agonist vs. antagonist. She didn’t know much about the drugs off the top of her head, but she offered to research it and get back to me. I told her it wasn’t urgent, and to take her time.I sent her the list of drugs my RE’s office pharmacy offers, and within an hour, she told me she is doing a Continuing Education course to learn more about it. These courses are required for pharmacists to renew their license each year. Mutual Fund/Insurance brokers, and other professionals, have similar requirements.

I’m so blessed to have her support, and knowledge. I would be googling for hours about random words otherwise. What’s even better is that she gave me the material for the course. I’ve shared it below. It’s basic info about ART, and a little more in-depth info about specific drugs. I’m sure most of you already know this stuff by heart, but it’s nice to read something from a regulated body, as opposed to something we hope to be legit.

Let me know what you think!

Infertility Medications: A Review

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