Me against the blinky face

I started using OPKs again in November because I had some, and I  might as well use them before we start IVF. So in November, I got the blinky face for 8 days, starting on CD 16, before running out of sticks in the package. I eventually gave up, and my temp didn’t spike until day 28. That cycle ended up being 42 days. I attribute that to some Chinese medicine I was taking. My cycle had “normalized” the few cycles prior, and nothing else had changed.

Last cycle, December, we were on vacation, but I brought my sticks with me! I also tried to take my temp, but with the time change, and sleeping in, the temps were pretty useless. I started testing on CD 15, got the high blinky face on CD 16 – same as the cycle before! I tested diligently. I even brought extra test sticks I found in my drawer. DH came home before I did, so I was disappointed that we may have missed our chance for December. But I was still getting the blinky face after 10 days. I was so sick of seeing that grin every morning! I ended up getting a blinky face every day until AF came (to my surprise). My LH surge never got high enough to trigger a peak, non-blinky face. This last cycle was only 29 days. One of my shortest since coming off BCP.

So here we are, CD 16. I started testing yesterday, and I got a negative test. Today, I tested expecting a negative or blinky face. But what to I get? A grinning, non-blinky face! I have no idea what’s going on!! I guess it’s not bad news, DH and I will have some “workouts” to do this weekend!

But let it be known, I’m declaring war against blinky faces!


6 thoughts on “Me against the blinky face

  1. Going from nothing to straight up NON-blinky smile has happened to me on NUMEROUS occasions. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I’m praying and hoping that everything works out for you this month. xo

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  2. Thats so frustrating. I had a month where i had like 18 days of solid face. Its not very stress reducing! Have you tried testing with a different brand? Its possible the tests you are using are too sensitive for you.


    • I’m just using the Clearblue Advanced I had leftover from when we first started TTC. I don’ think I’ll keep using OPKs when I run out. It’s definitely frustrating when the smileys aren’t doing what I want to. Hope you’re feeling ok! Xoxo

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  3. Oh this is why I don’t use the blinky face test. I always go off of the two line ones lol although sometimes they’re not liable I like to see the lines get darker.


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