Here we go again…

I think I’m currently in TWW. I mentioned last week, that I got a blinky smiley for 8 straight days, and I had run out of tests in the pack and it was still blinking. I didn’t want to open a new box of OPKs so I just stopped testing, and relied on BD’ing every other day. So my temp finally “spiked” two days ago. I’m hesitant about calling this a spike because my temp is still really low compared to what my BBT is for a high temp. However, it is .2 celsius higher than my previous day, and it’s been “high” for 2 straight days.

I’ve also had weird pregnant/baby dreams the last two nights, and I’ve never had dreams like this. The first night, I had twin boys, and I was upset because they were almost one year old, and I didn’t teach them to speak Chinese. But miraculously, one of my baby boys started speaking little phrases to me in Chinese. I was so so so happy!

Last night’s dream was kind of weird. It was only a short dream. I somehow was in a room with people I didn’t really know, I want to say it was Kim Kardashian, and North West (don’t judge, I love their show). Anyway, I was giving myself an ultrasound, standing up (no idea why I was standing), and I saw my 6 week old baby. The picture was so clear, I could make out the face, and all the features.

I hope this is the month for us, although I’m not holding my breath.

On to bad news, I had an irregular pap almost 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve had a biopsy, which lead to a LEEP procedure. LEEP is where they take a laser loop, and clean out the top layer of cells on your cervix. I had LEEP done in Sept of 2012, and I’ve gone back to the hospital once a year to get my biopsies done. I went for my last biopsy in October, and the doctor said no news is good news. But guess what, my doctor called me in for my test results.

I’m not scared of what the doctor is going to tell me. I’m just more annoyed that I will probably have to have LEEP done again, if not something more invasive, and have to go back to the hospital (instead of my doctor’s office) for paps and biopsies. Also, how is this going to impact our IVF plans?

I’m just so frustrated!!

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