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Clearblue AdvancedIsn’t it funny that we all know where this happy face is from? I’ve been tracking my BBT for almost two years now. I do it so I know when I can expect AF. I started using ovulation predictor kits when we were actively TTC. I used it for a couple months, and stopped because of the cost, and honestly, there was no point due to DH’s sperm count.

Since we met with the geneticist, we’ve been feeling a little better. We decided to start IVF in January since we are going to Asia over the holidays. This gives us a few months to try naturally. Before I knew about our infertility issues, I drove around looking for the best deal on Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Kit. They’re over $60 in Canada, so I made the trip to Washington to get them for less. Target and Walmart for some reason are always low on stock. So when I see the kits in the store, I tend to buy them all.

Last month I ovulated on day 17, which is early for me, so we completely missed the boat. I decided that since I still have these kits, I might as well use them. I opened my bathroom drawer and saw that I had 4 kits! I thought I only had 2! Haha. Last night I decided I will start today, CD10. I remember telling myself to put the kit on the counter because I will forget in the morning. But, I was too lazy to do that. So of course, I forgot to pee on the stick this morning. I have since taken it out of the drawer, so CD11 will be the first time I’m testing in 12 months. I hope I remember tomorrow!!

Meanwhile, my cousin announced she’s pregnant, due in the Spring. She’s the 6th person I’ve found out was pregnant in the last 2 months. I had a good cry, and a whole bottle of wine to myself that night. DH couldn’t understand why I was so upset, and I was just too upset to explain it to him. I noticed that only people who know or experience fertility first hand truly understands why I’d be upset with another person’s pregnancy. When I told one of my friends, the first thing she said was “why is that bad?”. I responded it’s not. Her response to that was, “oh, you’re just jealous”.

Ugh. I don’t even know what to say. Here’s to me remembering to pee on a stick tomorrow!!big_joe_cougartown

9 thoughts on “Back to Tracking

  1. My husband has always been a little bit behind me in terms of manifestation of emotions. When I was going through the jealousy phase, he was in the denial phase. When I went past the jealousy phase, he began to enter it… and I feel that he’s still stuck there. In terms of telling friends your feelings, I find that some people are very receptive and empathetic… many others don’t have a clue. So I have become very choosy in terms of the people I share my true feelings with. Good luck with this cycle! Trip to Asia sounds fantastic!


    • Thanks Isabelle!! DH is definitely very behind on his emotions. He’s either angry, or not. I’ve never seen him sad or jealous. Even during his depression, he was more angry and anxious than sad. Needless to say, I think both DH and I are ready to get away!


  2. I just got a flashing smiley face myself today! It’s so funny in a not so funny kind of way how husbands don’t really take the pregnancy news as hard as we do. If it makes you feel any better, most of us here really know how you feel right now and if you need to talk can always message me.

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    • Yay!!! I’ve never been pregnant, so I guess we are fortunate that we’ve never had to deal with a MC. I never had much hope of being pregnant, so I didn’t build up hope for DH.

      I’m so glad I have everyone here. I know I can always count on you to understand how I feel. Good luck this cycle!!! xo

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