MicroblogMonday!! Excitement and questions!

Microblog_MondaysDH and I are finally meeting with the new fertility doctor on Wednesday. He went last week to meet with the urologist, and it went really well (besides the male factor infertility part), and I’ve got my list of questions from No One Asks About My Eggs. I just want to get started already! DH is also going for another blood test and semen analysis today. He’s being tested for Y-Chromosome deletions, and it is also part of a study the researcher is doing on chromosomal abnormalities and male infertility.

I was reading a magazine over the weekend, and there was an article about IVM, in vitro maturation. I had never heard of it before. It’s still an experimental treatment, but it seems interesting. Have any of you had IVM, or read up on it?

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