New Urologist Consult

DH went for his second opinion with a new urologist today. I was a little nervous because he had such a bad experience with the previous consult. If he didn’t like this clinic, we would have had to go to a clinic that’s 3 hours away.

Fortunately, the appointment went very well. The doctor pretty much said the same thing as the previous doctor, but he communicated it in a much better way. Because of the chromosome defect, the doctor told DH that we shouldn’t try to get pregnant naturally. The abnormality increases our chances of miscarriage to 40%, and our risk of having severe birth defects are significantly higher. Our only option is IVF with ICSI, and genetic testing on the embryos. This isn’t news to me, but I’m glad DH got to hear from a doctor instead of me. He wouldn’t have believed me. The urologist couldn’t give DH more details, we need to speak with the genetics counsellor to get more info about our chances and other stats. We’re going to see her next week.

We didn’t get a copy of the SA results from the lab, but DH is being sent for another chromosome test, and his SA results were on that requisition. His sperm count has gone up from < 1 million to 4 million, so that’s good. The other stats didn’t really change. I’m hoping his sperm count is going to go up now that he’s less stressed with his new career.

Things are slowly falling into place. I just hope the genetics counsellor will have good news for us. I’m so grateful for all of your prayers! It’s made a world of difference for me.

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7 thoughts on “New Urologist Consult

    • I’m pretty happy about it! Hopefully we can get it up by a few more million by the time we start IVF. DH is a good “specimen” (lol) for showing how stress affects sperm count.

      I don’t know any details about mobility and morph though. Hopefully they improved too.


  1. Thanks for linking up this week. So glad to hear about the improvement in count. That’s fantastic! Also, I think it’s great that your hubby was able to hear the news better from this 2nd urologist. It really does make a difference when news comes from a doctor you trust.


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