Appointment with a geneticist!

I’m so relieved right now! As some of you know, DH has a chromosomal defect. We have been waiting to hear from the genetics clinic for over a month. We still haven’t heard from them, I don’t even know if our referral was put through by our old fertility clinic.

Anyway, I was procrastinating, and checking our new clinic’s website, and they have a geneticist on staff! I emailed our patient coordinator to see if it was possible to meet with the geneticist as well. She replied within half an hour saying the geneticist would definitely be available, and she asked me to contact her directly, providing me with a direct phone number!

I’m not much of a talker, so I emailed the geneticist instead. She also responded within an hour! I was so amazed! She said the patient coordinator had told her about us, and she was very happy to see that I had reached out. She was very sympathetic, and understood that we were going through a hard time. I sent her a copy of DH’s report, and she is going to meet with us after our consult on Sept. 24th! She said she can go over the report with us line by line if that’s what we wanted. She also recommended that we keep waiting for our referral, because it’s good to get an explanation from more than one source.

I’m just so happy! I love this clinic already, and I haven’t even been there. The staff I’ve talked with are amazing!

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