Things are looking up!

DH had his last day of work on Saturday. His demeanour is a complete 180! I’m so thankful for all of your prayers and support. I’m beyond relieved that he’s so much happier than he was a month ago, and he’s stopped taking his anti-depressants. I didn’t think such a simple (although drastic) change can help DH feel so much better. He’s back to his old happy self, making jokes, and bashing my Dallas Cowboys (I think I need a new team!).

This is the first time in DH’s adult life where he doesn’t have a job. I’m not pushing him into looking for work right away. I’m confident that he will be able to find something once he’s ready. I want him to be sure of what he wants to do first. But he has reached out to his network for potential leads. I hope he doesn’t get too comfortable not having a job!!

This experience has definitely strengthened our marriage, especially our communication. While DH has decided to not see a psychologist, I did make an appointment with a counsellor. I think she would be helpful in helping me deal with how I feel about our IF, and just talk things out.

Thank you again to everyone! I absolutely LOVE the community we have here.


11 thoughts on “Things are looking up!

  1. I went to my therapist for a few times and absolutely loved it. I wrote a few posts about it in July and August. She taught me so much about how to tackle my negative thought process and to help me focus on the present. It greatly improves my life. As for your husband, I am so happy that this decision helps him with his quality of life. It’s so important to go to a job that one loves.


  2. Yep, Dallas isn’t starting out too well. Every year we think it will go better and it doesn’t ugh!! It’s good to hear he is in a better place and things are looking up 🙂


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